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  • Re: What Every Piece of Content Must Have to be Published & Paid

    Yes, we'll be publishing fiction.   There will also be dedicated blogs for fiction I'm sure.

  • Re: LTBCoin and the start of Private Network Tokens

    czzarr said: Hi Adam,
    I'm sorry for this noob question, but I fail to see how LTBCoin is different from a Ponzi scheme: so far the only argument I've seen you throw in support of buying LTBCoin was that it is a deflationnary asset and hope that the LTB network will grow in value. But how exactly is an investor rewarded? Is there some kind of dividend system in place?

    Great question!
    Shows and blogs that participate in the content program will offer sponsored airtime/banner advertising ONLY for LTBcoin.  So the more shows that use it, the more sponsor time is available.  The more people who listen to the shows or consume our other content, the more valuable it is to sponsors.
    Really what we're doing though is creating an ecosystem where people who create content can compensate each other without having to go out of pocket. 
    Most of our "big ticket" items are going to be offered via Auction, so it doesn't really matter how many tokens are in circulation, only how much the various interested parties have and are willing to spend.   Because these tokens also have a market value, it allows people to speculate on whether the network will succeed or fail and either get a real bargain on advertising by buying tokens now and spending them on advertising later or sell them on.
    So long as it's valuable to speak to ten thousand of the earliest adopters and entrepeneurs in tech, LTBcoin will be valuable.  And I expect us to grow faster this year than last, the main LTB show has always been VERY wonky and not new user friendly. 
    To a certain extent, the deflationary characteristic is really important.  It gives people a reason to get involved now rather than later with the goal of building the biggest network effect you can before you switch from Doge (We have a billion! everything is free!) -Mode to Litecoin (Save for higher values)-Mode.   
    The first few years any funds that come in from sponsors (in LTB) go to the platform, but after year three those funds pass straight through to the person running the show and the ecosystem runs itself.  The first three years are bootstrapping and the consequences of commercial failure are not actually that important, like a startup.

  • Re: How Does this Work? Let's Talk User Experiance!

    Yes to having an awesome app and using LTB rewards to incentivize exploration, but we're not abandoning the web - this is just in addition to our new web platform.
    Nick has been working on the backend for the last month+, I'm supposed to get with Texture to work on the visual design pretty much ASAP and that should be ready to go sooner rather than later.
    Also, I was approached by a competitor of soundclouds recently and I told them "If you guys can build everything I want for tipping and affiliate compensation into your widget, we'll swap our whole network" - They took a week to think about it, wrote me back a few days ago that they're in.  So that is AWESOME.

  • Re: What Every Piece of Content Must Have to be Published & Paid

    Can you give me an example?   We have published Fiction before and I have an interest in publishing books both fiction and nonfiction dealing with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency related subjects.
    We also have a game show in the works, talking with two potential partners on it.

  • Re: Looking for LTBcoin Core Thinkers and Doers

    mmanvil74 said: Thanks for posting that Open Enterprise Video, it helps me understand your overall vision of the organizational structure for LTB.

    Adam: "you can tell from the collaboration thread I am looking for other models because I want to take myself out of this role as quickly as possible but we need a way to organize and focus effort forward and overcome the hurdles that inevitably will come."

    This is a curious statement and might require some elaboration. You have been pretty upfront about wanting to decentralize yourself out of the equation at LTB, or at least out of the epicenter of the network. Does this mean you hope to get to the sidelines, or what long term role do you envision for yourself in relation to LTB?

    Is there any concern that the synergy between you and Andreas and some of the other key contributors that got LTB to this point might not be involved in the future of LTB?

    One thing I have learned with my own experiences publishing and managing a network of contributors is that the top contributors can really grab an audience and tow a network forward by gaining and keeping followers and fans, but so-so content doesn't grow an audience and can even shrink it by diluting the overall quality. In other words, quality far outweighs quantity, especially in a world awash in content.

    LTB is where it is because you and a few key players have done a great job. I hope you don't underestimate that value going forward, it will not be easily replaced.

    In any case, I'll keep my head up on this forum and contribute where appropriate. I am looking forward to participating in the evolution of this project...

    This is a valid point, and I'm happy to address it.  Andreas voluntarily committed himself to two more years in the role on LTB, and I will be matching that commitment but I don't think the Let's Talk Bitcoin! show will be necessary in two years.   
    Content is a funny thing, it's valuable when it's scarce and overwhelming when it's plentiful.  When I started LTB there was very very little content about Bitcoin and what we did was exceptionally valuable.   Over time the show has morphed to be the vehicle we needed it to be, and I think it's served both the audience and the hosts very well to this point.
    But that's because we're having the conversation that is necessary, and for a long time were the only ones doing it in public.  That's changing.  It would have anyhow, but with this move into the network we're aggressively accelerating that timeframe using the success we found with Let's Talk Bitcoin! to bootstrap the next several generations.   Instead of starting with a hundred listeners, they start with almost 10,000 on every episode.
    It's the first thousand that takes forever and is impossible to monetize, so while you're right quality and personality mean an incredible amount I just want to be up front that LTB is and has always been about serving the needs of the time.   
    Right now that community conversation is frankly more needed than ever, and we're moving Let's Talk Bitcoin! back towards a host-segment dominated format and shifting conference content onto another stream.
    To actually answer your question, I want to do host segments for the LTB show, curate a blog, and be the chief evangelist and Chief Visionary Officer of the LTB network able to represent, explain and guide the vision and the meta.
    I view myself as a catalyst in this situation. Paint the vision, explain the concepts, light the fire, prove the model, retreat into the woods as a hermit.   I view my time horizon as an extremely active founder lasting 2-5 years.
    Does that answer your question?  Does my level of commitment give you any feelings of concern?

  • Re: LTBCoin and the start of Private Network Tokens

    Here are screen shots from the upcoming open source, federated, locally encrypted multi-currency web-wallet called CounterWallet

    Awesome!!!! Oh man, I can't wait for that to come out.

    Wow that web wallet looks amazing and the design is simple, uncrowded and seems intuitive. What currencies will it support?

    Bitcoin, XCP (counterpartys coin), LTB and all other user created assets built on XCP

    Hi, I'm Jim from the counterparty forums. I'm happy to help with any technical-related questions about the protocol or software that people may have. Of course, I'll have to forward questions to the devs that I don't understand :p

    I'm happy to report that the web wallet (Counterwallet) is coming along nicely. Still bugs to iron out though, so I'm saying it's not ready for public beta testing yet.

    Hey Jim, good to see you here - Can you please keep me updated on this progress and also Jah's desktop GUI? I'm very forward looking but I'm not a command line user and don't have a ton of time to devote to tweaking new code, I plan to dive in as soon as it's suitable for users like myself and would appreciate you keeping your eyes open for me.

  • Re: Here before the LTBCoin Launch? Get your part of the initial disbursement for the Initial Community

    Everything sounds great so far, but how is this thing actually going to work? I'm really interested in the user/creator experience.

    Good question, I responded in depth here

  • Re: LTBcoin Art

    May I ask how made the graphics? Also, a transparent PNG would be great for some use cases.

    Transparent PNG attached

    I like honesty, but what about adding something that describes the vision?

    Content Created or something like that.

    I agree, this was built because we needed something for Ruben's article in Bm.

  • How Does this Work? Let's Talk User Experiance!

    Everything sounds great so far, but how is this thing actually going to work? I'm really interested in the user/creator experience.

    What a great question. Let me share how I see it. These images are courtesy of Marcin who is developing our MVP iPhone app.  
    For the user: I get in my car, pull up the LTB app on my phone. On the homepage I see all the most recent shows available for streaming (should we allow downloads?)

     Lots of LTB in that list, where are the other shows? Ah! each listener gets to choose which shows they listen to on the LTB network, and only sees new episodes of the shows they want to see. These mechanisms for individual users curating their own version of LTB carry over to the new web property as well.

    In a later version, content that has been turned off but has an episode or article that is really more successful or popular than usual will bleed through onto the lists of people who have turned it off, or otherwise attract their attention to the fact that there is probably useful content available on a feed they have disabled. I would like to gamify this and make it so there are known thresholds that trigger a piece of content being automatically pushed to the whole network if it outperforms its average by a substantial margin.

    So these screens are from the iphone version which won't include wallet functionality, but basically you'll put your Bitcoin address into settings on your app, and every "incentivized action" you do earns you points. Incentivized actions are things like tipping, commenting, sharing, etc. 
     Every day or however long the audience "mining" period lasts, all the incentivized actions are added up among all the bitcoin addresses (which represent individual users), and the amount of funds distributed each day to the audience is sent to those addresses according to how much they contributed relative to everyone else. 
    From the user perspective, you just interact with the LTB network through those normal ways, and the more you do the larger your share of the daily or weekly LTBcoins being distributed are. If you are active on a day when few people are active, it could be very profitable, but everybody gets paid according to their contribution over the same period of time. 
    Because everybody gets LTBcoins on a regular basis just for interacting, there's no problem giving them away or tipping them like people do with Doge, except our currency is aggressively deflationary instead of continuously inflationary like Doge. 
    The "generosity" period will last the first year or two, then we'l have a more mature bitcoin-like ecosystem.

    For users who want more LTBcoin because they want to speculate, or sponsor, or whatever there will be both the Decentralized Exchange and normal markets like Cryptsy to buy and sell.

    Ask me more good questions so I am forced to explain myself.

  • Re: The Proof of Publishing Protocol

    I’m not sure that exclusively rewarding Proof of  Publishing and Proof of Value, as currently defined, will best serve the long-term interests of LTB.  I am a huge fan of LTB content based on its informational quality, insights and entertainment value – but also based on journalistic integrity. 

    I understand that ‘Publish or Perish’ and advertising funds are vital interests.  However, adding some rewards to ACTs based on subjective measures would help to ensure long-term journalistic integrity and retention of talent.  A Proof of Recognition component might help toward this end. 

    Proof of Recognition could be defined as monthly and/or annual rewards determined by the Editor in Chief (or voted on by key members of management or all ACTs) for journalistic integrity, quality of investigative reporting or exclusive interview content.  PoR could also incorporate recognition from a list of third-party journalistic or BTC community entities or even mentions in publications such as NYT or WSJ. Of course, likes, tips, retweets, etc., could also have their place in determining PoR.

    A PoR component would allow LTB to better equalize recognition between a feel-good ATM pub story that becomes wildly popular and the reporting on an exclusive panel of industry leaders that goes underappreciated but results in significant insights into future cryptocurrency developments.

    Proof of Value is an immature metric, I would like it to be a combination of Revenue generated and audience reach.

    For journalistic endeavors, I sorta agree that a "council of journalism" makes sense but then you've got a bunch of gatekeepers and the definition becomes subjective based on the individual filling the role, which is not desirable IMO unless that's an elected position.

    As they say, this isn't a cheer-ocracy, but neither should it be a dictatorship. I like deferring to the audience on most subjective things (like if content is valuable or not) and being a total dick about objective things (like if content meets our publishing standards and thus is suitable for publishing, or not).

    I like your concept for PoR as an aggregate measurement but it seems like it incentivizes sensationalism given the current journalism environment?

    I'm assuming the "proof" is by some sort of distributed voting consensus?

    There has been a lot written about online voting systems (tragedy of the commons, bayesian weighing, etc) but it all boils down to this:

    You are deciding between buying product A, or product B. Product A has M votes, proportion p of which are positive. Product B has N votes, proportion q of which are positive. N>M, but p>q.

    In other words, how much does each marginal vote "count"?

    I don't think anyone is suggesting a voting consensus. If we do "voting" it will be value imbued, which is to say people will vote by paying LTB towards the proposition, and there is an incentive system derived from the coins collected in this way.

    LTB isn't going to be as "sticky" as bitcoin is when people receive it.

    Imagine a wishing well and you with a pocket full of gold coins - Only an idiot is going to make a wish under those circumstances. Imagine the same well, you still have the gold coins but now there's a token dispenser next to the wishing well that gives you tokens for free to throw in. You'd have no problem doing it because you don't percieve the item as having any cost to you, lets say you take advantage of it a lot and feel like you even get good luck out of the ritual.

    The gold coins in your pocket have a cost, are irreplaceable in a way. Using those you'd demand results for the value sacrificed. The tokens are a gift and can be passed on in the same way.

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