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  • Re: New CounterWallet Screenshots + LTBCOIN name reserved for our launch

    I like it for the poetry, but I think it might be better to focus on value such as 
    The Token that buys you airtime on the LTB Network

  • New CounterWallet Screenshots + LTBCOIN name reserved for our launch

    You can find new images of the web wallet here, the developers say it will be up on testnet next week, we'll play around with some test LTBcoins then!
    You can find the asset here, one of the Counterparty Devs grabbed it for us (thanks Biophil for reminding me to ask).   
    We have like 60 characters to describe LTBCOIN and link to the full explanation of the rules and value.  Suggestions?

  • The Internet of Money: A Network of Networks

    I'm getting ready to start Vloging (my first time, you'll have to be kind) about LTBcoin and I've been thinking about comparisons and answers to questions that will surely come.   One of the core ones is why create LTBcoin instead of just using Bitcoin, what is the value of another type of token.
    Take a look at this visualization of the internet (this is years old).  We've looked at this before with regards to Bitcoin, one could make a chart like this that would describe where the mining power and thus the Bitcoin Network Power comes from.  Each point is a miner, each bright concentration is a Mining Pool, and the network is distributed - you can plainly see.
    I want you to look at the chart another way, this is a map of value.  Each bright constellation is a metacoin like Bitcoin, Ethereum, NXT - They interoperate with each other but each has its own ecosystem that springs up around it to fill market voids.  A currency like LTBcoin is a point off one of those metacoins, and something like a Sponsorship Token will be a point off of LTBcoin.
    To this point in human history, our money has been defined by the geographic area we happen to exist at the time.  Bitcoin is a Global Local currency, which could mean a bunch of things but really it means that the concept of "local" becomes independent of location.
    The internet has shown us the way this will develop, sure the internet COULD be one giant page or service that everybody has their own corner of.... But in practice everybody wants their own space, they want to personalize and associate in the ways they choose.   The same thing is happening here with Value, to this point there were gatekeepers everywhere you looked that involved money and because of it much could not be done whether cheaply or at all.  Bitcoin broke the spell.  The gatekeepers are gone, and we can build community value we want, because we can.

  • Re: What's your Favorite Show on the LTB Network? Why?

    darkmooncity said: Oo! You should do a Canadian show! There's got to be some guys here in Vancouver or in Toronto who would be into that. The climate is really interesting to compare to the US.

    They're on episode 6 ;)

  • Re: Here before the LTBCoin Launch? Get your part of the initial disbursement for the Initial Community

    lostdroid said:

    Wit22 said: Also, do we have to make 5 posts or 5 comments? or either?

    Adam's definition was 'more than 5 posts', so make sure you have at least 6!!!  I was assuming it was Comments.  The button I see below is called 'Post Comment', which I guessed was a post in Adam's definition.

    Yep, this forum software just doesn't like calling things posts but where you are "creating a new discussion" or "making a comment" those are all posts in my eyes.  

    darkmooncity said: I've been a bit behind on this but this is really sounding awesome. I've been super happy with the Let's Talk Bitcoin project so far - both the commitment to being accountable and how the podcast contest was run. This is a great evolution and super inspiring.

    Hi Katrina :) Welcome to the project

    biophil said: Adam, you're building this on Counterparty? You really need to reserve the LTBcoin asset name pronto. It's not that expensive ($25 maybe), and there are enough troll-types over on XCP that I'm surprised nobody has squatted it yet.

    On your advice, I had Cityglut (one of the devs) grab the name for us.

  • Re: Someone issued LTBCOIN on Counterparty

    Yep it was me - sorry for the alarm. I asked Cityglut (a dev) to hold it for us and he was kind enough to do so.

  • Re: LTBcoin Brainstorm/Planning Call - 5:30pm PST (GMT -8) Friday the 14th

    I figured few besides me had the luxury of being able to have this meeting at 2:30pm on a friday, so I had figured for 5:30PST - I always prefer earlier, but don't want to exclude people who have day jobs.

  • Adam AFK until Thursday AM

    Hey all,I actually haven't taken a break from this stuff in several weeks and am badly in need of a break, but with so many things to do it's difficult to resist.  I'm going to be offline (unplugging the router) for the next 36hrs now that the show is up, and I'll be back Thursday morning.   
    Your optional mission, should you choose to accept it: 
    Tell me in your own words what we're doing here and what you hope to personally get out of it. 

  • Re: How Does this Work? Let's Talk User Experiance!

    Andaloons said: Why not start with an Android app and follow up with an iPhone app?  Especially after Apple's stance on BTC and the fact that Android has the vast majority of the market on a global scale.  It seems like this would be the preferred route IMO.

    Because the developer I have working on it was much more proficient in iOS and it was a less ambitious project. I'm not planning to do things sequentially, but there are only so many projects I can juggle at once and frankly I'm not doing a great job with any of them because of the split attention.

  • Re: Here before the LTBCoin Launch? Get your part of the initial disbursement for the Initial Community
    John, I want to work with Tatiana to build a LabelCoin, I think that's really what you need.     I'm happy to help in every way I can to make it happen :) 

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