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  • Re: LTBCoin=GloballShare+Coin2+Faircoin

    Yes, what Matt said.  

  • Re: How else should the Audience "Mine" LTB? - Proof of Tip and Proof of Comment

    Spammers won't be included, as they fall under "trolls"

  • Re: LTBCoin=GloballShare+Coin2+Faircoin

    Right, LTB is one of a new wave of coins that are "Money+" to Bitcoin's "Money".   Our coin is both one of the first user created assets, and will support an ecosystem of content creators and consumers who benefit from the virtuous cycle we're creating here.

  • Re: I cant find LTBcoin thread in bitcointalk

    We have not created one yet.   I would like to have more of the core defined before treading into troll infested waters.

  • Re: New CounterWallet Screenshots + LTBCOIN name reserved for our launch

    We just need to figure out the fair distribution of it.  Once people have it, and it is percieved to be fair and useful, the ecosystem will sustain itself because the rules we are creating make that the path of least resistance.
    Water seeks its own level, and value is the same way.  This is why the rules that define our editorial guidelines are so important, we'll reap what we sow.

  • Re: LTBCoin and the start of Private Network Tokens

    Rotalumis is correct, right now the first year is 100% new coins but over three years becomes 90% sponsor funds.
    This is still being figured out and your thoughts are welcome. We need to determine the "Networks" business model - where it can generate "profit" because right now everything is just about ensuring minimum costs are met to keep the whole structure going (lawyers, accountants, C*O level positions)
    I am not an expert at setting up structures like this, it needs to be highly efficient but scalable and sustainable.

  • Re: To a Chinese forum

    The way LTB is being set up, if you want run create content in Chinese and run a Chinese language blog on our platform, you can do that.   And if there is enough demand we will create a front-page blog that takes the best posts from the other chinese language blogs, and creates a front page like in a different language.

  • Re: Watch the first LTBCoin Q&A Now!

    Pablo said: I watched the first Q&A and I still think there is a lot to be decided but the one I am struggling to get my head around is that it seems that the only people who will be getting the LTBcoin are the content contributors to the site which would be at best in the the few hundreds in say a years time.  But to get real traction surely you need millions to be involved?

    Hi Pablo,You have to look at content creators, and even members of the LTB audience  as the "miners" in our situation.  I would argue less than 1% of bitcoin users "mine", because they don't have the requisite skills or desire for that to mine, but they get 100% of the new coins created.  In LTB, the largest share goes to content creators, a smaller share goes to the audience for various things they can do (like comment, share, or tip) and a smaller share goes to the platform for infrastructure/core staff.
    Those people are the miners of our system, you can buy LTBcoin from them on either the decentralized market or a centralized one like Cryptsy.
    Does that make sense?

  • Re: How Does this Work? Let's Talk User Experiance!

    Jookly said: Very cool.  Could you elaborate on how the coin would change after the "generosity period"?

    The coin doesn't change at all, I assume at some point we will see people become more concerned with saving the deflationary LTB once the coins aren't so plentiful.

  • Re: Is writing a comment anywhere in LTBcoin considered a post


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