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  • Re: [ANN] The Altcoin Observer - Looking for Writers & Researchers

    Travel or events might become something in the future, but I've been doing all this research by myself for months and never travel to any events, or really at all unless absolutely neccessary.   New cryptocurrencies are the local currencies of global movements/tribes/predelictions/fetishes/ethos, and the whole point is those things are not geographically centralized.  
    The whole gig is internet based from the editor on down

  • Re: LTBcoin and "Sponsor Slot Tokens"

    From one of the CounterParty Devs:
     you can make "auction-like" DEx trades. Simply announce on your show that you will be putting an asset on the DEx at a certain block, and that people can make orders on the DEx for that asset. In the block preceding the one you specified, you could place your order for the highest bid, and thereby match the other. The funds of all other bidders are held in escrow, and they can either specify the expiration of their orders for the block after you put your order on the DEx, or can manually cancel them once the order is over. With Counterwallet both options will be trivial.

    The one caveat here is that someone may put up a new order in the same block that you place yours. Thus, your auction has precision up to one block.

  • Re: [ANN] The Altcoin Observer - Looking for Writers & Researchers

    Tom, it's more like "embed yourself in the various communities and look for new opportunities"
    Prior experience is not required, there are a couple ways the altcoin observer could go - Technically it could be part of LTB and pay profits out as dividends to LTBcoin holders.   What I don't want is for this to be content that is free on day one, because at least for the first few months the research we'll be doing is highly valuable and very monetizable.    
    Having it be an LTBcoin project would be interesting...

  • Re: [ANN] The Altcoin Observer - Looking for Writers & Researchers

    The Altcoin Observer is a high value, exclusivity based spin-off mostly intended for people outside our community who don't follow this stuff.  There are going to be a bunch of altcoins shows I'm sure, was just talking with some folks over at doge reddit about starting a community show.

  • Re: What are your thoughts on DeleteCoin? Could LTBcoin use this model?

    The solution I'm thinking of is really more of a "give us any junkcoin you want and we'll value it at market rate, because we immediately sold it on the market and bought LTBcoin to replenish our supply.
    I don't want to focus on any sort of token exchange or proof of burn, it has drama associated with it among the 99% of people who don't get metacoins yet, and at this point it's totally unneccesary except in the event we want to abandon XCP as a platform.

  • Re: LTBnetwork – Understanding Content Distribution and Hosting

    Hey Fox,I agree with you and we are pushing towards that, it'll be an early bounty.

  • Re: [ANN] The Altcoin Observer - Looking for Writers & Researchers

    Basically it's a scouting position.  Compile resources, summarize sources and look for opportunities.

  • Re: Let's set up a Wiki as a guide to LTBcoin

    Let me know if you need funds

  • Re: Avoiding shallow articles

    I have also recognized this problem @sara and have come to realize that ANYONE will be able to create a show or blog on the LTB network, and the best will be included on the front page by default, with specific articles or episodes that achieve a better than usual result on subsidiary pages being picked out and included on the front page.  LTBcoins for content creation on the incentive side are only paid out to content that appears on front pages.  There will be more than one Front Page, but each front page will basically have its own curation team and target a specific niche, or language.
    Still thinking about this.   I think the concept got a lot bigger once I realized how many people want to create content for us.

  • Re: What Every Piece of Content Must Have to be Published & Paid

    Rotalumis is correct, and really this isn't fully defined yet.

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