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  • Re: design a short film for LTBcoin as titles of movie

    I love the enthusiasm!   Maybe we should put together a short script, I can do the voiceover and we can figure out what text should be displayed on the screen.

  • Re: Crpytopic #002

    Love it

  • Re: When did you first start listening to LTB? What is your favorite episode?

    @yukycao not late, still early :) I will ask Bo Shen to set up an official LTBcoin group on QQ, I am not familiar with the platform and don't speak the language :/

  • Re: One aspect of Bitcoin that I have not seen discussed much

    That is a great episode, but it actually was only a few months ago that Andreas was on Joe Rogan.

  • What skills do you have? What type of team are you looking for?

    An Autonomous Content Team is a group you work with temporarily or long term.  You might have a stable group with two or three core members and bring in individuals who can help you with the specific projects goals, but then part ways immediately afterwards.
    In this new world, we're all free agents who will collaborate because it is in our best interest.  We are stronger together than individually, but binding ourselves to self imposed restrictions is not a good choice either.
    I do the following things at a fairly high skill level, I am listing them in the order I prefer (highest is most).  I will be accepting LTBcoin for all of the following services, although my time for the technical stuff is pretty non-existent right now.

    Consulting (Media or Cryptocurrency)AnnouncingProducing/Mastering audioProof ReadingInterviewing
    Editing Audio work
    HostingEditing Written workWritingResearching
    I know we have another introduction thread, but this is a little different - If you want to participate in the content creation side of LTBcoin, post your interest and skills here.   In addition to the things I mentioned, we need artists and video producers

  • Re: Here before the LTBCoin Launch? Get your part of the initial disbursement for the Initial Community

    IvanB said: Adam, the amount of care and attention that you've put into LTBCoin really shows the difference between an unoriginal clonecoin effort and a real attempt at taking blockchain technology to improving an industry.

    I'm plenty excited about seeing this unfold!

    Brave new world and all that, glad to see you onboard Ivan.

  • Re: Bitcoin foundation

    Problem is you're talking to everybody who agrees with you :)  I last posted on the foundation board what, six months or something ago.    Wish I felt like there was more good that could come of it, but I have very low expectations.  Glad I only signed on as a yearly member!

  • Re: Project Needing Developers: Clone of powered by LTBcoin

    To be clear, you have the green light from me.  Let me know how I can help.

  • Re: [ANN] The Altcoin Observer - Looking for Writers & Researchers

    TomSherlock said: Another option, I could offer my talent as a writer.  One suggestion could be to somehow blend my own project(see: with the Altcoin Observer.  However, Adam, you did indicate that you would not want to offer this information out for free.  So perhaps my local project would have to be unrelated.

    Either way, do you see an synergies between the kind of writer you might be looking for and the kind of column I was thinking of writing.  Would your writer be taking a similar approach?

    If I had my druthers, I would probably prefer to fill one of your positions as a writer and perhaps assist with research.  I understand it would only be a three month speculative (ad)venture.

    The model basically is one of timed exclusivity, the sooner to "release" you get it, the most the subscription costs. Paying in LTBcoin gets you a tier one more expensive than the price you're paying. After 45 days the content is freely available and archived for public use, so at that point you could publish the column.

    Really though the Altcoin Observer project is probably too specific for a mainstream column.

  • Re: Bitcoin foundation

    You know you're not offbase ;)  

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