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  • Re: Idea to Encouraging Tipping

    Yes, we are starting with a centralized  custom CMS and will pretty much immediately be starting work on the next platform, which will be basically the Huffington Post model with this crypto-bootstrapping applied.

  • Re: LTBcoin Art

    Hey Max,the design is not fixed - everything is draft.
    I like your design.

    CryptoCoin said: "Flat" might be a good look for the "CryptoCoin 2.0" "movement" that we're seeing now..
    One thought on the wording: having the words Honesty, Quality, and Choice - especially Honesty - may be seen as an appeal to authority, which could lead to misunderstandings around LTBcoin being a pump-and-dump, and other bad/false marketing that we don't want associated with LTBcoin or LTB in general.
    Words like de-centralized and community might express our values more accurately..Just my 2 cents-CC

    Any suggestions?

  • Re: Watch the first LTBCoin Q&A Now!

    If you re-draw that chart for Bitcoin I think you'd find it looking like miners get nearly all of it, because they're the ones who get it first.
    In practice I think we've seen that most miners sell large quantities of their coins because they'd like real money they can spend right now.   I expect this to also be true about content creators, they'll be glad for the LTBCoin and keep some of it but the Bitcoin they can sell it for will be more valuable to them in the short term.
    So basically, just make the arrows going between LTB Content Creators and Exchanges much bigger, and also connect Advertisers to Exchanges as they'll have ongoing large quantity needs which doesn't make sense to come from the audience.   The audience will be a player in the game too, but I expect some large advertisers in our ecosystem.

  • Re: Introduce yourself!

    @LiveLife split it in two threads!

  • Re: LTBcoin Launch Day Distribution

    Andaloons said: Adam,

    I've got another question about the distribution of LTBcoin.  For example say the initial release of LTBcoin goes perfectly as planned and all the recipients are happy with their coins.  As a part of the audience community I get 1 LTBcoin the first week.  Then theoretically the coin takes off and the price per coin increases dramatically.  Would you change the scale of distribution based on the coins exchange value?  Basically what I am asking is if the coins are worth 1BTC each would you still distribute them in the same manner over the entire scope of the 5 year release?  It just seems ridiculous to me that you would hand out say $1000 to someone in the audience. 

    Nope, once the rules are in place those are the rules.  I'm fine with someone in the early audience winding up with a good profit from their time spent with LTB.

  • Re: Bitcoin foundation

    gthrones said: Hopefully it will largely go away, especially in the good times. I think we should want decentralization and not encourage a hierarchical power.

    The only good thing is that it pays Gavin's salary. I like that. Though I wish we could decentralize that even more, so that he didn't depend on the foundation for it. Maybe we could use some kind of multi sig address to lock up funds intended for developer salaries, then every x months, one person from each of a number of major companies and trusted individuals signs off on it and releases the money. Just a thought.

    Think bigger.   Imagine if the the Bitcoin Foundation's primary job was to provide a crowdfunding platform for Bitcoin developers.  People could post their profiles, link to their github and have a style widget encouraging people to donate to them.    

    It would not take many people to fund 10 full time developers, and ones that don't deliver wouldnt be as popular so the incentives would be right.

  • Re: The Proof of Publishing Protocol

    It is a user created asset on the Counterparty Protocol, which is itself built on top of Bitcoin.   The tokens are created weekly according to a schedule, and distributed according to several sets of rules for different portions of it.
    You can think of this as the audience and content creators "mine" LTBCOIN by doing things that add value to the network.  In practical terms, they are created using a simple interface that you can try for yourself at - it's important to note that while whoever controls the key to the asset (we hope to make it multisig) can create more at any time, anyone who owns the asset can see what happened so it can't be done secretly.  When you look at the info for the asset, it shows you all the issuances.

  • Re: Connect With Social Not Working?

    This is my fault, need an admin for the boards who isn't me :) 

  • Re: LTBcoin and "Sponsor Slot Tokens"

    Okay, I've made a bunch of test assets and we'll do a test sponsor auction in a few days.  I'll announce details soon.

  • Re: https

    The current website is static, the new website rolls out soon and I will make a note of this.

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