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  • Get your LTBCOIN Address Now!

    Hey Everybody, The LTBCOIN Launch is approaching very quickly, to be in the initial distribution you'll need to do a few things:

    First, visit and generate a free multi-wallet that holds bitcoins, LTBCoins and anything else built on Bitcoin using the Counterparty protocol. With one click you'll generate a secure 12 word password, you'll want to keep it safe as it's your private key.

    Once you've created your password, log into your wallet and you'll see three brand new bitcoin addresses you control.

    Copy one of those addresses, then head over login to your account in the upper right hand corner of the page. Inside your account you'll have a few options, one of which is "My Profile" - Click on that, and at the bottom of the page you'll see a place to put your LTBCOIN address. Paste your newly created bitcoin address, save the change and you're done! When we release LTBCOIN later this month you'll be all set.

    Happy to answer any questions if this is confusing.

  • Re: How many LTBcoins should there be?

    51 was stated as a very lucky number, and I was already thinking about 50 as the basis number so we moved to that.
    Right now the number is 510 million and they are divisible. 

  • Re: LTBcoin & the Master Protocal

    Hi there,you're incorrect - LTBCOIN is built on Counterparty.  We discussed Mastercoin for a while but the tools available from Counterparty plus are superior at the moment.
    You can find the LTBCOIN asset here, one coin is issued to hold the place.

  • Re: Which ear should I listen with?

    One imagines it would vary from brain to brain, we all have different predelictions and preferences.  We make a point of putting out a mono show, so whichever ear you listen on you'll be getting exactly the same audio.  

  • Re: Great Chains of Numbers

    Yes, Tim is on the board although I'll let him out the name he uses.

  • Re: Technical Question: Should the website hold LTBcoin balances for users?

    I've never spoken with PhantomPhreak about anything, my contacts have been Cityglut and Xnova so I'm not sure whats up with that.  Please connect him with Devon ASAP

  • Re: Technical Question: Should the website hold LTBcoin balances for users?

    So to summarize I think we should do a hot wallet using a partner like bitcredits or an open source equivilent and have user-customizable "automatic cold storage" thresholds.
    Regarding fees, I agree LTBCOIN is probably desirable at market rate.

  • Re: Technical Question: Should the website hold LTBcoin balances for users?

    Hi guys, great discussion - I am very concerned about our liability if we are the ones holding funds.  I like the threshold idea where amounts above the  "I'm comfortable against hacking risk" are transferred to a pre-set cold wallet, and as I've mentioned I like the idea of running a counterwallet installation so the hot wallet is analagous to just that, a wallet with a little cash in it and the overflow cold storage is the vault.
    I think it might be better to partner with someone like to do this, they would manage the security at least at first and have already poked me several times about wanting to be involved with the LTBCOIN project in nearly exactly this way.  @deweller I'll make introductions between you and alex bourget

  • Re: Here before the LTBCoin Launch? Get your part of the initial disbursement for the Initial Community

    I believe the utility of XCP is not understood because these assets are not launched or even understood, I have been using the low price to increase my holdings as I believe LTB, once launched will be one of many projects that make the utility of XCP very non-hypothetical.
    And having used the decentralized exchange, XCP is very desirable for trading.  Using Bitcoin -> LTBCoin requires manual action to send the BTC and takes at least six confirmations before payment can even be sent, but XCP -> LTBCOIN only takes two confirmations and is automated.   XCP is the platform currency, so while the platform has no use (Right now) it is valueless.  If you think it will be more valuable later, this is cheap.

  • We need your comments on the LTBCOIN Ecosystem before the workings get set in stone

    If you've emailed me in the last few days you'll know I took an emergency vacation in a room in the woods without wifi.  
    I took advantage of the focus to further define the systems behavior and incentives after the initial "new tokens" are distributed and the structure needs to power itself.  One of the conclusions I came to is that the right to sponsorships needs to be split up so all stakeholders have their own piece.  
    You can read my notes and comment here.

    EDIT (rotalumis): @Adam, I've taken the liberty of changing your title, hoping to attract more eyeballs and comments.

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