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  • Have you contributed to an episode of LTB? Let us know how to get some LTBC!

    Hey everybody, if you've provided music or an interview or a piece of content that we used on the let's talk bitcoin show, you are entitled to an amount of LTBCOIN! The amount will depend on the contribution and number of contributions. We tried to get everybody, but if you contributed and haven't yet received your LTBC let us know!

    Don't "get" LTBCOIN? Haven't set up your account yet? You'll find all the answers here!

    Looking forward to catching up!

    Adam B. Levine

  • Re: Do we get LTBCoin for commenting on pages via Disqus?

    @rotalumis, we actually did this early on - I prepared the shows so they could be "asembled" with ads so that in the future we could resell the spaces on the old slots. Thankfully we did not go with that for long, it was more work and made our sponsor negotiations much more difficult since it was a time limited engagement.

  • Re: [10000 LTBC Brainstorm] My Grand Plan and How should we market the LTB Network?

    @pthed Adam B. Levine - "rebrand this property as LTB Crypto"

    Are you saying you are going to be rebranding the "Let's Talk Bitcoin Network" to "LTB Crypto"; or "LTBCoin" to "LTB Crypto"; or something else?

    Let's Talk Bitcoin! is the show

    LTB or The LTB Network will be the network branding for the current property and phase of the project

    At the point that we learn/teach enough to start the next run of projects, LTB will be rebranded LTB Crypto, and the new properties will be LTB and LTB .

    Again, please don't get caught up thinking this is happening soon. It's not. We have a long way to go before then, and the plan will surely morph with our experience. Feel free to comment, just don't get concerned that this anything real or imminent, just what I think will make sense as we grow.

    Tree's don't grow to be miles tall, they grow to maturity and then catalyze a forest of friends and relatives to grow around them. We're not the forest, just the first tree.

  • Re: Do we get LTBCoin for commenting on pages via Disqus?



    @rotalumis That sounds like it will work. Why just one week, though? Shouldn't you earn LTBCoin even for reading older content?

    Because there will be code silo sites that have all the codes so new listeners can use them to farm LTB, don't you think that's bad?

    Or does it not matter? It just seems a lot more likely to be gamed if industry can be conducted of registering new accounts and entering all the codes for all our episodes to get a big payout.

    That is indeed a concern I wasn't thinking of.

    I don't know how practical this is, but maybe we could work towards splicing in a new one-time code for each new listener at specific point that varies from episode to episode. The system generates a text-to-speech audio of a captcha-style code and inserts it into the stream or download mp3 on the fly. A database keeps track of codes that have been issued and spent. Would that be doable?

    If that could be automated it might be interesting, but otherwise you're talking about taking something where the primary efficiency is "You only have to do it once and everybody gets the same thing so its easy" into "everything is custom".

    If you could automate it that could work. Lacking complete automation the workload would be unreal.

    Frankly I think this is a good reason for people to stay up to date, maybe we have a 2 week or month expiration.

  • Re: first LTBCOIN asset drop incoming, make sure you're signed up!

    @t62a Whatever happened to the old forum and the "5 post" initial distribution? I was away for a while but i returned when i saw a LTBcoin mail in the spam box.

    The old forums were not as easy to export off as we had hoped, they were always temporary while in-house ones were being built.

    And I see you have 7 posts, so make sure you get your LTBC address updated and you're good to go.

  • Re: [10000 LTBC Brainstorm] My Grand Plan and How should we market the LTB Network?


    I mentioned MediaCoin to Adam some time ago, because I can sell it to the mainstream AND new media people.

    My suggestions is make MEDIA COIN now and have 1 Media Coin = 1 LTB Coin, that way the crypto folks have their passion and the rest of the world can get on board.

    The future is now. Why wait?

    Because there's no do-overs, and it would be good if we understood the ramifications of what we're doing before we try to "sell it" to anyone.

  • Re: Airtime on Let's Talk Bitcoin! [ AUCTION 5 CLOSES NOON Pacific time SUNDAY 7/13/14]CURRENT HIGH BIDS: 23k & 12k LTBc - LAST EPISODE WINNING BIDS: 32,542LTBc and 28,442LTBc for and

    Front page updated, @rotalumis you done?

  • Re: Tipping

    hey @cryptonaut, what do you think about letting people claim other addresses from which they send tips?

    So long as we only count tips coming in from those addresses after the address has been "claimed", or validated by sending a small amount to a "prove you own it" address we show only to them when they claim it, this could work.

    I know a lot of people use LTB on their phones for example, and I dont think counterwallet works very well on there.

  • Re: Tipping

    I'm inclined to say we should only send LTBCOIN to accounts registered to LTB users just because that will prevent gaming in a way we otherwise aren't able.

  • Re: [10000 LTBC Brainstorm] My Grand Plan and How should we market the LTB Network?


    @adam Because the LTBCOINs have already been allocated towards the purpose of LTB, which is not "all news"

    There are going to be thousands of different coins, and you'll use dozens or hundreds with only the commitment of flipping a few settings on your wallet, the new networks will add value because they will also honor LTBCOIN but will have their own incentivization token to bootstrap their own ecosystems.

    Lets broaden the discussion, tell us how to do it right.

    Hope I'm not coming off as derailing the topic of the thread! I was really just curious.

    I see that down the road, if this model works, there will be a broad network of communities that span every topic you can imagine. I misunderstood with LTB Coin, I assumed you were planning on using it as the general coin in this space, and then branching into more topics but still using LTB Coin for those forums/comment tokens as well. But creating new tokens for those spaces makes sense too. That way each community can basically craft how the payout is structured, and customize it to make the most sense.

    I'm all for seeing how it plays out. I'm sure with each new coin there is an opportunity to experiment with use cases.

    No, LTBCOIN will scale to hundreds of thousands of users, or millions of users who are interested in cryptocurrency but niche communities are valuable because they are niche. We talked about doing a media coin, and I think I actually have the assets both TALK and MEDIA, along with a bunch of others - We decided to do LTBCOIN first to test the model and then we will could do a meta-coin that some of the LTBCOIN partner funds are used to create, and the process for mining the meta-network is running your own network, and vesting its coins into the larger group.

    Do not think I am saying this will happen for sure, or that it will happen right away. We are still in the ideation phase, but the thought is not that LTBCOIN will be the biggest, rather the first and we'll learn from here.

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