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  • Re: What do you guys think of recent Gov. acceptance of Bitcoin?

    States are creatures of monopoly power. If they don't have it, they can't do anything people don't already want to do.

    Decentralized tech is immune to monopoly, but it's also REALLY inefficient compared to an efficient centralized system.

    Of course, where you have monopoly you have the opposite of efficiency and so we have very inefficient centralized systems.

    So there just isn't much that can be done about it outside of trying not to say anything too stupid or be so early as to attract the ire of the rest of the world.

    Just a matter of time...

  • Display Ads on!

    @steven How about this.

    1000 LTB coin for each of 3 banners.

    Only one would be bitcoin packaging

    @robmitchell 1100 LTB for an ad for

    Current High Bids

    Slot 1 Bitcoin Keychain

    Slot 2 Bitcoin Packaging

    Slot 3 Steve's Second Choice

    We're auctioning the top three 155x155 spots on the left hand side of the front page. This auction will be held weekly for the time being. Once you bid for the first time I'll let you know if your project is approved or disapproved. You are responsible for providing a 155x155 image, and I have editorial veto over it (and will refund you).

    Here's [the stats]( stats/jun22to292014.jpg) for over the last week. As I've mentioned, we've always been a much stronger audio platform than display, which we hope to change by engaging and growing our community with the LTBCOIN rewards program.

    Please place your bid in LTBCOIN and specify the number of slots

    Minimum bid is 100, this auction will close Friday the 4th of july at 8am pacific time. Your week will run Sunday to Sunday.

  • Re: SEO: posting on LTB forums VS my own blog

    @steven why is it that ltb never shows up on the google news feed?

    We're looking into that, was just talking with @cryptonaut and @bcohen about it the other day

  • Re: Design work for LTBcoin

    @robmitchell @cryptonaut I think there's a setting for that?

    Rob - that's fine, thanks!

  • Re: Podcast Download Issues

    Yeah in trying to fix it we seem to have broken it more, our numbers are way down and its all the subscriber side.

    @cryptonaut? Time for Plan B? Grab a single copy of the soundcloud and link to it on our own servers using our own bandwidth as a static file? I'm getting concerned.

  • Re: Print Ads

    Yep! I guess we can get that started, i'll get 'er going.

  • Re: Podcast tracking

    @pgrous Adam,

    I download all of the LetsTalkBitcoin podcasts via the iPhone Downcast app.

    Downcast and other podcast apps allow you to enter login credentials on a per feed basis, mostly for premium / protected podcast feeds. You could use this credentials feature to keep track of who is downloading LTB podcasts for purposes of issuing LTBCoin. The login username would be the LTBCoin address of the user. That way, you'd be able to account for who downloads and when.

    Thanks for considering. And, thanks for all the great podcast content!


    This is one option we've been talking about - Basically let users associate their accounts with other services like soundcloud or downcast, and when we see those users have listened (which the account allows us to see) it would associate with their LTB account.

    Really the problem is the podcast space is TOTALLY non-standardized, and apple has made things worse by splitting podcasts into a less functional app aside from itunes. This is why we are going towards a "Network Apps" model on all mobile devices, it allows us to use the same accounts on the site and on mobile and we have a consistent delivery mechanism for the majority of users who just want it to work.

  • Re: Design work for LTBcoin

    Hey Rob,

    What would you ask for these two banners?

    Content should be something like "Join the thinkers and do-ers at the LTB network, and earn LTBCOIN for your contribution! " with the lets talk bitcoin bubble logo

    That is probably terrible, any ideas?

  • Re: Politics

    @thedon Let's imagine Bitcoin starts to replace fiat. Some governments may be in favor of virtual currencies and some may not. Let's assume the US government isn't in favor but sees its power threatened and wants to ban bitcoin. What steps could they undertake? Would these stop bitcoin in the US or would bitcoin just be unstoppable?

    They can make it illegal, which would make any business that accepts de-facto an illegal business. This would lead to the vast vast majority of businesses stopping accepting it.

    It would not kill bitcoin, but it would sure slow things down and make way for a co-opted "just-as-good-as" tech.

  • Don't have LTBCOIN? Talk to a LTB Advertising Broker

    @bcohen has taken the initiative and set up shop for those interested.

    As one of the very first writers on Let's Talk Bitcoin! I have acquired an "LTBCOIN" war chest.

    LTBCOIN is the token used by Let's Talk Bitcoin! to obtain advertising on the Let's Talk Bitcoin! Network > Podcast. LTBCOIN is the only way you can obtain advertising on Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    The spots are 45 Seconds and Let's Talk Bitcoin! has full editorial control of the adverts. What is great >about this is that the ad will be produced for you by LTB.

    If you would like to advertise on LTB please contact me and I will place a bid at auction on your behalf. I accept Bitcoin for payment only if we get a successful winning bid.

    I was the winner of the first ever LTBCOIN advertising auction for 12,100 LTBCOIN on behalf of my Client >Bitcoin Megaphone.

    LTB must approve your service prior to committing to an ad an sponsorship is not an endorsement by >Let's Talk Bitcoin.

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