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  • Re: Darn...

    Also, Max - again - I just want to emphasize that you are complaining about our forums when I've said many times now the whole current design is placeholder and primarily we are finishing the internal systems.

    You seem so distressed that we're not already done and polished, but it seems we're the first to do this so your concern is puzzling.

  • Re: Airtime on Let's Talk Bitcoin! [ AUCTION 5 CLOSES NOON Pacific time SUNDAY 7/13/14]CURRENT HIGH BIDS: 23k & 12k LTBc - LAST EPISODE WINNING BIDS: 32,542LTBc and 28,442LTBc for and

    Also I'm going to bid 5,000 for one of the slots as I have some announcements I need to make.

    To be clear, I am not using any of my LTBCOINS from the initial distribution - This is from the funds paid for Tuesdays sponsorships (24,100 total)

  • Re: Darn...

    @maxentropy Adam,

    This is an academic debate... which is good. As I mentioned I bumped into this concept by chance, from an Andreas talk at the Beltway.

    Speaking academically...

    1: You have a killer app / concept in using 'a coin' on top of the Bitcoin block chain. This is really a big big deal. As you will know, all WordPress authors struggle to earn revenue, I am sure. I am not in this space, so I lack first hand knowledge.

    2: I hesitate to use denigrating terms... but the great applications are first based on great ARCHITECTURE, and from what I can see, and I am technical, a bulletin board server is not the approach to take. In fact, this is quick and dirty. I could go into details. I think you should have your people consider GitHub like system architecture. They have easily proven that it does scale. If you want to front-end it with Content Pages, then this is easy.

    3: Furthermore climbing out on the metaphorical limb - I will say, that while your immediate interest is in Let's Talk Bitcoin, this is not where your effort should be applied. Yes, I can understand how you evolved the thinking to get to this place/initiative, but the idea/opportunity is so much larger. I do not believe that the visitors to the Lets Talk Bitcoin site (for which I like/ value the content) will scale sufficiently to bring any sort of meaningful valuation to LTB Coin... and this should be the goal. Not necessarily, for the founders but rather for the community of authors, which will pull on the LTB Coin publishing payment concept. You have an opportunity to challenge Amazon and the major content distributors with your concept.

    4: Federating transactions from LTB Coin augmented WordPress sites/authors/commenters is where your energy should be applied. Define/implement a WP widget and also a LTB /Bitcoin Gateway. Start from this perspective and you can bring huge value to Bitcoin and to your publishing payment system. Bitcoin gateways will thrive with global WordPress adoption. I mean which WordPress blogger would not spend $50 for a professionally developed widget. The LTB Coin Gateways would spread throughout the Internet and improve revenue streams for a new type of author, distributor and reader/commenter. This could be the app pulls Bitcoin away from just payment networks and speculation.


    But I will back off on this discussion as it seems that you are committed to a different vision.

    With kind regards, Max

    @rotalumis @john @stephanie @cryptonaut thoughts?

  • Re: Display Ads on!

    @steven I bid 10,000 LTBcoin for

    That's pretty far above the market. Why don't you split it into three and bid on each of the spots.

  • Re: Airtime on Let's Talk Bitcoin! [ AUCTION 5 CLOSES NOON Pacific time SUNDAY 7/13/14]CURRENT HIGH BIDS: 23k & 12k LTBc - LAST EPISODE WINNING BIDS: 32,542LTBc and 28,442LTBc for and

    @y 1001 for Bitmain

    Front page updated

    paging @stephanie @bcohen @bandg @w @rotalumis

  • Re: first LTBCOIN asset drop incoming, make sure you're signed up!



    right now we're not tracking audio, that will come soon.

    Do you intend to track RSS subscribers too?

    We're going to have a word specified during each show that will be good for two weeks, redeemable in your LTB dashboard (which will have stats soon too)

  • Re: Darn...

    I'm just trying to save you wasting your time, the things you're complaining about are known issues. The front page is placeholder and can be extended to 500 items if we want. That's not ideal, but it's actually a pretty good format for dealing with a lot of diverse content.

    But that is not the plan, the plan is to finish the backend and core systems work we're doing and then attack the design problem knowing our capabilities and quirks.

    My priority is user curation and information density, so I suspect we'll wind up with a design somewhat similar except each horizontal row is a category or some sort of distinct classification (most engaging content from a bunch of different metrics, most valuable content based on revenue generated). We're also pursuing an archetype system where users, by defining the types of content they put together let us generate new homepages built specifically for that type of user so it is a standard offer as opposed to something that needs to be customized each time.

    If you look at our iOS app you can see this type of design - Two content lines scrollable horizontally. The top one is audio podcasts, the bottom is written. In the next version you'll be able to turn specific categories on or off from those feeds so you'll only see what you want.

    And my suggestion to create your own front page, or put together an actionable plan and we'll add it to the to-dos. We have an API right now that lets you take everything we do with styling and put it onto any type of format you want. All our content is creative commons.

    Mostly though, you don't know about the collaborative, incentivized content creation CMS we've built, and it'll be hard to understand until we finish and turn it on in to show you in the next month or two.

    So hang tight @maxentropy

  • Re: Design work for LTBcoin

    @ cryptonaut sure :)

  • Re: Podcast Download Issues

    @cryptonaut hanging :)

  • Re: Design work for LTBcoin


    @adam @cryptonaut that is only true on the first post, can we add it to all posts?

    sure thing. I was thinking a larger button right by "post reply" up top, but we can do either or both.

    Oh yeah that's a better idea, a Subscribe button at the end of the thread, since someone wanting to subscribe would of course want to do it at the end and otherwise have to scroll back up to the top.

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