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  • Re: Do we get LTBCoin for commenting on pages via Disqus?



    @adam If you can help us figure out a way to do it, sure. Maybe a time limited code given to you in audio. You enter in your account before a week has passed? @rotalumis, @mmanville @cryptonaut @deweller @matt @john thoughts?

    This is a definitely a great idea. What about email updates as proof of work?

    What would stop someone from posting the code online for everybody? I guess there is not much at stake so it doesn't really matter

    Yeah, this is true no matter what we do so really it is very limited in the damage that can be done. Someone who does not participate with us but still takes time to visit their profile and add codes every week is adding legitimacy to what we're doing by making it part of their routine.

    We just dont want to design systems that are obviously broken, enough unknown potholes to step in that I'd like to avoid the apparent ones.

  • Re: Do we get LTBCoin for commenting on pages via Disqus?

    @loon3 How about a short (maybe 3 questions) multiple choice quiz with a captcha for each episode? It would basically just be a faucet with a set supply of LTBCOIN per episode, maybe a small percentage of that episode's ad revenue.

    We've talked about this before "proof of education"

    I guess if we're doing a code word, its pretty similar. It's just that education can be acquired from outside the podcast, while the codeword is without context and thus impossible if not acquired from the podcast. Of course, both can be published on a page we dont have control over and the answers given.

    I think for simplicity i'm in favor of code-word to start, but I could be convinced otherwise.


    @benjojo Hi Adam, I set up a counterwallet and put the address in my profile but no LTB has reached the wallet. I had no BTC or XCP that likely to be the issue?


    Looking at your profile, i'm going to say it's because you don't have five posts on the forum. You will be part of the first real audience distribution tomorrow. This was part 1 of the forum distribution, which was part of the initial disbursement.

    I'm aware this is confusing, I can promise you if you have your account set up properly you'll be getting LTBCOIN tomorrow in some quantity, more if you've done a lot of posting or commenting or reading.

  • Re: Display Ads on!

    Yep! Thanks Rob

    I'm a bit behind with updates but you did indeed win a slot, and steve the other two.

  • Did you Create Content for LTB Before, and haven't recieved your LTBC? POST HERE!

    Hey everybody, Here is the list of everyone who is owed LTBCOIN. I distributed to who I could, but we don't have a good way to alert me when somebody registers a new account and created content for us in the past, so for the time being please post here if your name is on this list (for writers of articles) or this one (for those who hosted or created music for LTB)

    Please post here with your username. If it's not obvious that you are the same person, i'm going to ask for identity verification.


    Hey all, we're reviving the LTBCOIN hangout show in preparation for a full episode of LTB on the topic with the hosts - I'd like to get some questions on things that are unclear, we'll address them here first and then on the podcast for those who aren't yet on the forums.

    Thank you for your help! We might not answer everything on-air, but I will address everything here.


    great question adrian, I addressed it in the original post

  • Re: 2.25 million LTBC going out to folks with more than 5 forum posts (and an address on file) imminently - thanks for playing! next distribution tomorrow

    @frogwithcancer I'm not convinced about the 5 forum posts thing. Will it not just contribute to spam posts? Like the idea of LTB copin though.

    @troy112 Well, didn't knew about this 5 posts thing.. Missed this week's payout.

    Yeah I was not clear about this. Todays distribution was part of the Initial Distribution, during which we promised I believe it was 16% of the initial money supply to "forum users who are not trolls with more than 5 posts". This was done on the old forum. Today we gave out 2.25 million of that total 9 million LTBC from that initial supply dedicated to the purpose. We're going to do this every week or two (haven't decided exact schedule yet) with that same ruleset - need more than 5 forum posts (total), a compatible address on file and as many as you're set up for, you'll get a piece of each distribution.

    Tomorrow we are doing ANOTHER distribution, that is the first weekly and it is the weighted number based on contribution.

    For the first couple of weeks we have just a ton of LTBCOIN that are going to be given away. Take advantage while its cheap, or spend some of the cheap ltbcoin on a sponsorship and i'll talk about your resume for 45 seconds :)


    You can...

    Note: You will need some BTC dust in your Counterwallet to do ANYTHING with the LTBCOIN, they ride on little bitcoin transactions.


    @adrian-sutton Adam can we burn them? just kidding perhaps you could do an interview on "burning BTC' I found the concept a bit confusing "proof of burn"


    Answer: You can do whatever you want with them, these are just some of the more engaging uses in my opinion. If you hold the token in a wallet you have the private keys to and I don't, I have literally not a thing I can say to you about how you can use them. They are tokens, if I controlled them they'd be in my hand, wallet or vault.

  • Re: Airtime on Let's Talk Bitcoin! [ AUCTION 5 CLOSES NOON Pacific time SUNDAY 7/13/14]CURRENT HIGH BIDS: 23k & 12k LTBc - LAST EPISODE WINNING BIDS: 32,542LTBc and 28,442LTBc for and

    same addy

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