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  • Re: Tipping LTB with LTBcoin

    @dgiors No intention to be rude here. What are the implications of bidding on your own network's airtime? Isn't that a conflict of interest like being a shill in a bidding war? Perhaps I misunderstand who receives coins paid for airtime. Who has authority to grant airtime to hosts like yourself? Is your only access to airtime apart from your typical hosting duties only available to you through purchase with LTB Coin?

    This may already be addressed elsewhere. I'm just curious how you intend to maintain a level playing field.

    No offense taken. Basically everyone is free to do whatever they want with their LTBCOIN, as they are with their shows so this will vary from creator to creator. In our case, LTB has one or two breaks per episode and when we were doing canned ads it was 2 minutes (four thirty second slot) and now its three 2.5-3 minutes (Anthony Di Iorio's 30s he pre-paid a year on in February plus two 45 second spots we're auctioning here)

    I really don't like fap on my show, it pisses me off and wastes peoples time and I don't want people to feel that I am abusing my platform, which is not my intent. So I almost never put in personal stuff that takes more than a mention. Bidding on sponsor time means I can sponsor the show myself (at the cost of recieving LTBCOINS which obviously is not a gain if I am sponsoring myself), but it allows me to get my message out same as you without feeling as though I'm abusing my position in the system.

    I'll also be bidding on airtime on other shows for the same reason. We all play by the same rules.

  • Re: Did I miss the LTB coin drop?


    @pilotbo I think Ive missed 2 drops.. Crap!

    I was away, come back and see the entire thing has changed and I have missed the drops. My address hasn't been taken in this new forum edition.

    Adam, I respect your guts on doing this, but why do you keep changing the deals so fast? It sucks to lose out like this.

    We didn't really have a choice in the matter, so we decided to stretch out the time-frame on the Forum drop. The first 2.25m went out yesterday, but there' still another 6 million or so to opt in for.

    Lots of LTBCOIN to go around, the deal hasn't changed - We just switched to the permanent platform and the LTBCOIN address field wasn't one that vanillaforums exported when we got the posts (which was itself quite a painful process).

  • Re: Counterwallet Notifications and Discussion

    @cryptonaut @adam actually, an idea: we could check their LTBcoin balance when they login based on what address they entered. then show that on their profile or at least in the dashboard home

    Sounds good to me


    @wwdz99 @adam

    Pls Add to ann 'Remember left enough btc balance on u online counterwallet if needed any action.'

    IMO other guys will got the same issue like me.:)

    Everybody has that issue, yeah.

  • Re: Counterwallet Notifications and Discussion

    @scottks @troy112 yep, hang tight we're about to issue the first audience distribution.

  • Re: Podcast Download Issues




    @adam ...

    looks like we have a solution

    Wonderful! cant wait!

    Yeah, doesn't look like it's working on B & G or Beyond Bitcoin (my newest addition!) yet, but I assume they are still working on it.

    Any time release Schedules?

    It's next on the list after todays distribution. We tested it and it seemed to work, now it can be rolled out to the other shows.



    @adam The spreadsheet is only set up for Proof of Quality - Basically you take the number from this chart and the corresponding week (we are on week 1)

    Then you take the POP rates and ever-more-slices-of-the-pie distribution described here

    and you get this, the master list - At the end of each week every piece of content on the front page will be added (if not before), and it will generate the split.

    I've updated it with all the content since we started counting on Friday.

    Proof of Quality, Can give a qualified standard? Thanks.

    Proof of Quality means you get published on our front page. There will be more stringent and specific standards in the future, but at the moment since i'm the primary curator it is very subjective.

  • Re: Airtime on Let's Talk Bitcoin! [ AUCTION 5 CLOSES NOON Pacific time SUNDAY 7/13/14]CURRENT HIGH BIDS: 23k & 12k LTBc - LAST EPISODE WINNING BIDS: 32,542LTBc and 28,442LTBc for and

    @bcohen @adam What if my client wants a 90 second spot? Can you merge two 45 Seconds together? I guess I would have to place two simultaneous bids?

    We could do like the worlds quickest interview in 90 seconds, my concern would be that I don't really have that much to riff on and i dont want to just be burning time.

  • Re: LTBCOIN Exchange Rate Widget

    Hey Joe, We're going to be putting up a bounty of about 200k LTBC for the creation of a site sorta like DACINDEX where LTB can hand curate user-created-assets from both xcp and msc.


  • Re: Tipping LTB with LTBcoin

    @slim45 Interesting idea for the community: what are your thoughts on tipping LTB with LTBcoin?

    On the one hand, the LTB network doesn't need LTBcoin to purchase airtime, so it may not be as useful to them. On the other hand, it's an asset with a value just like any other coin.

    Actually I bid on the airtime with my LTBCOIN (5,000) but got outbid.

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