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  • Re: 728x90 Leaderboard Advertisement

    @robmitchell I'm feeling clueless on figuring out LTBcoin values lately. How about I do the work, and we'll settle up after we see how much time it takes to get it so you like it? I'll pretty much accept whatever you want to pay; I'm more about participating than trying to get LTBcoin rich (besides, that's what the asset drops are for).

    We may have to go a few rounds (and you use some brainpower) before my creative work matches your aesthetics and goals… Maybe we'll get lucky and you'll accept the first thing I show you.

    Guess I'll start with the LTB Network ad. I'm assuming you have no further direction, but let me know if you do.

    If you'd like, we can start a brainstorming thread and people can help you with ideas so you're not just spinning.

  • Re: 728x90 Leaderboard Advertisement

    @robmitchell @Adam Sure, what is the full creative package?

    Make an ad for the LTB network or the LTBCOIN Rewards Program that I don't have to spend brainpower on?

    As opposed to me telling you what to do and you doing it.

    I assume the former is more expensive

  • Re: LTBCOIN for the Audience!

    Hey Dan, Perhaps there are two systems here. My interest with the one I described is to grow the active participant community which is to say, people who not only consume content but sign up for an account and actually participate. Consuming content is one way you can participate but unless you're logged in, we can't actually reward you for it.

    It sounds to me like what you're talking about are users who wouldnt really want to sign up and participate but might be interested in consuming a specific piece or chunk of content. My system does not reward you for this.

  • Re: What should be added to the forums?

    I'm interested, but this isn't really a problem right now, authors tend to be credited. Not saying it's not a good idea, just not so pressing for me because we have so much else on the roadmap.

  • Re: 728x90 Leaderboard Advertisement

    paging @robmitchell can you create this? Please give me a price. I'd like the full creative package, help us bring users in to what we're doing.

  • Re: Podcast tracking

    @nathanwyss Adam, do you think a Proof Of Consumption token is needed for tracking? I don't have any idea about how to execute that, but the idea seems to go well with Proof Of Resource and Proof Of Publishing.

    If anything we would do proof of distribution where we basically take a bittorrent protocol and mary it with an ownership ledger system that encodes both the original uploader's payment address (from which all copies derive) and leaves a space for the last mile distributor. Those two individuals are the only people in the chain who are compensated, and since everything is time-stamped its very easy to resolve disputes - earlier timestamp wins.

    For the listening stuff we're probably going to start with a "Magic Word" and then go to a "Proof of Education" per-episode-quiz. I'm not sure if we'll ever make that last step, but it would be preferable in my opinion although much more labor intensive.

  • Re: Airtime on Let's Talk Bitcoin! [ AUCTION 5 CLOSES NOON Pacific time SUNDAY 7/13/14]CURRENT HIGH BIDS: 23k & 12k LTBc - LAST EPISODE WINNING BIDS: 32,542LTBc and 28,442LTBc for and

    @bcohen ping

    front page updated

  • Re: JEDI, What does your username mean to you?

    @kerneloops I love me some (Arch) Linux, but just sometimes it all goes "oops!".

    See now that's funny, I thought your handle was Kerne Loops, some kind of music thing or something haha

    My name is boring, lol.

  • Re: LTBCOIN for the Audience!



    @faceface If you paid people to tweet, I don't think you'd end up generating spam. Who'd follow someone who just constantly plugged ltb and nothing else? You could easily track how many impressions a given tweet generated and only pay per impression (or goal or whatever). Or with strictly diminishing returns you could benefit more organic use of that platform. The returns are low and the application niche... But yeah you've got to think about the 'gamers' ;-)

    I really think this could be a powerful way to grow the network.

    We just want to incentivize results. The referral approach means that it doesnt matter how you get people interested, only that they are interested and become normal users of the site. So if you're most effective on twitter, tweet it out! We're going to make it so there is a bit of profit motive to having a referrer so it won't be hard to convince people to do it.

    I don't see how tweeting makes me a referrer, i.e. if a follower signed up, how would you know from where?

    Also, an LTB incentive to sign up is unlikely to attract a noob who just heard about an interesting story.

    I'm not hating, I think LTB is awesome, I just think you could turn your audience into evangelists :-)

    We will :)

    And the incentive is for the evangelist to explain, sign up with me as your referrer and we both gain more than if you don't.

  • Re: The issue with tipping


    @deweller Bitcoin and Counterparty are expensive for tipping small amounts. It is a known issue. I'm pretty sure you would pay the fee if you sent from coinbase to a tipping address as well.

    I'll throw this out there. Would you use an off-chain web-wallet if there was one for LTBcoin?

    Say the fees were much smaller than $0.15 and off-chain tipping transactions in the LTB network were instantaneous.

    Would this be of interest?

    Nope, coinbase transactions are free entirely. One of the reason why its my wallet of choice anytime i sent btc. they pay the miners fee and they advertise this.

    i don't really want another wallet. tipping is not quite that important to me that i would make a wallet for it, especially if its just cheaper.

    i think the solution is actully to do this off chain via ltb directly. Let me have an account inside ltb and let me tip this way for free.

    Is this what you were proposing?

    That is one proposal yes, let me ask for your opinion about the other.

    We have built an automatic bitcoin or asset sending system that lets you put in either usernames or bitcoin addresses, and the amount to send to each, and it gives you a single address to send the bitcoin miner fee(and asset if you are sending an asset). Our system pays about 1/4th the standard bitcoin fees and takes at most 10 blocks to get in at those reduced fees.

    The proposed system would be that each comment, forum post, or piece of content would have a "tip" button on it. When you click the little version, it would pop up your standard tip amount (each user would define this), whether its in Bitcoin, LTBCOIN or something else. You would be able to modify the number with either a +/- or just type in the amount manually. You can click a Cancel or Confirm button, if you confirm it makes an entry in a distribution noting you want to send that value from you to the person you want to tip.

    At the end of the day or the week you "Settle up" and are given a total amount as well as a reckoning of what everyone is going to receive. You've spent the week programming the recipients and amounts, You pay the total amount and the system handles the sending for you.

    This is all on-blockchain, but again it's quite cheap and the experiance of tipping no longer requires you to do anything but click the button. We can even prevent people from spending tokens they don't have by asking them to attach an address to their account by showing them a unique "Prove I am this user" address, sending a tiny amount to it and thus associating that sending address as being under my users control.

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