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  • Re: LTBCOIN User Balance

    @dpc Very cool!

    A well deserved tip is on it's way.... as soon as my balance goes above zero and tipping is implemented.

    I tipped for both of us

  • Re: 728x90 Leaderboard Advertisement



    @coinfire None taken, we are only getting about 6,000 unique viewers today only averaging about 5 - 6 page views a day for each. It is pretty small.

    Wow, that's actually a lot more than I expected, good work! How long has the site been up? How are most people finding your site? I tend to find articles from browsing ZeroBlock and Twitter, and I haven't seen Coinfire in those circles. I'm only aware of Coinfire from this forum.

    We've been online just over a month, we seem to drive a lot of traffic from reddit.

    What really got us launched was we reported the 1-800-Flowers story a full two weeks before they announced it after someone very high up (C Level) emailed us about it with a PGP signed email and since then it has sort of grown with a lot of people just sharing it with friends.

    We've been asked about ZeroBlock recently but haven't had a chance to look at that angle as of yet.

    I tend to think it isn't a lot because many other sites are doing way more traffic than us right now. With time I hope that can be changed :)

    Definitely let me know what you think of the site. Myself and a few other contributors are nearly gathering news 24/7 (legitimately always working) because we want to build something different.


    We have been looking to integrate a "news" division

  • Re: What should be added to the forums?



    Would you believe I'm sorta a partner at bitcoinaverage?

    name a project that you arn't involved in? lol

    Coindesk has never been interested in a collaboration, and although I was asked to be the editor-in-chief over at Bitcoin Magazine last summer, that never happened either :)

  • Re: 728x90 Leaderboard Advertisement

    @coinfire P.S.

    If you wish to get something online and then iterate I am willing to change it out as you iterate over the month :)

    Seriously, that's actually significantly more traffic than we currently get.

  • Re: Whats your price for LTBCOIN?

    @pinheadmz @adam are you having (or worried about having?) problems living and running a business completely on your own token? I'd imagine at some point you'll be selling LTBCOIN every week to keep the servers running and the lights on?

    If we were cash strapped, it would make starting something like LTBCOIN more difficult. If that was the case we would have kicked things off with a fundraiser, so no worries.

  • Re: Whats your price for LTBCOIN?

    @robmitchell I wanted to share my experience with LTBcoin's value, to date. My first transaction was for design work, and I was paid in LTBcoin, at an agreed upon value of $0.01/LTBcoin.

    Next exchange of LTBcoin was the first user drop, and I was surprised how substantial it ended up being.

    And I've agreed to purchase a display ad on (one of three ads auctioned off), at a price of only 1100 LTBcoin. I think that was a screaming deal, even at the higher valuations I've seen of LTB. If the ad bidding stays in this range next week, I will try buying a couple of print ads, and reselling one or more of them to friends with Bitcoin companies, who aren't in the ecosystem (with LTB's approval). It's a roll I thought about pre-coin, and was excited to see Brian Cohen jumped right into that roll with the podcast ads.

    @Adam I'm wondering if the model is extremely generous to early users by design, or if there just are less users early users than projected? (and I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, or projections are in your documentation)

    The model is extremely generous with the quantity of tokens intentionally to vest stakeholders, they will only become valuable beyond sponsorships for the show with the types of actions you've described above.

    You are a stakeholder, and are encouraged to be entrepreneurial to maximize the benefit you obtain from our rewards program. You do not have to ask permission, and frankly you shouldn't.

    @pinheadmz @adam are you having (or worried about having?) problems living and running a business completely on your own token? I'd imagine at some point you'll be selling LTBCOIN every week to keep the servers running and the lights on?

    We are not selling LTBCOIN. We are either paying in LTBCOIN (as with the new developer and our upcoming CFO) or we're paying for the help in Bitcoin and "buying" LTBCOIN from the infrastructure fund to compensate the BTC expenditure.

    All told though, our costs are very very low.

  • Re: LTBCOIN User Balance


  • Re: 728x90 Leaderboard Advertisement

    @robmitchell @adam Your call. I think it's a good idea for coming up with ideas for content, but are you up for sifting through the ideas and deciding which you like? I don't mind just throwing ideas out to you, but the hive mind may come up with something better than just our two minds.

    On the other hand, I wonder if a decent ad put together quickly, vs. an amazing ad we spend a lot of effort on, will really make any difference in results (no slight to Coinfire, but I'm assuming this new site isn't getting tons of views yet). We could just hurry and get something decent up there, and iterate/update over the coming days/weeks.

    Note that my workload is pretty heavy right now (hard to tell by my activity -- I probably should be here less right now). So I'm a fan of whatever will help me complete this for you, as quickly and easily as possible.

    Quick and easy.

  • Suggest a Topic or Guest! Your suggestion picked? You get a 1000LTBC tip!

    Hey everybody

    I'm giving out 1,000LTBC tips for people who suggest discussion topics or guests we then book on the show.

    Any suggestions?

  • Re: What should be added to the forums?

    @william Here is another idea for the main site (not the forums). Develop an authoritative BitCoin price index derived from the market prices of various exchanges, something like Coindesk currently does on its site. Coindesk's price index has very quickly become a standard reference for journalists and academics, who often link to it in their work. This probably drives traffic to Coindesk, and the news published there.

    LTB network is a direct competitor to Coindesk. It might be a good idea to develop a competing price index in order become an industry reference point and to drive traffic to our site. Maybe also compiling this price data into a detailed, publicly-access dataset would encourage this data to be used in academic research and attributed in publications. Just a thought.

    Would you believe I'm sorta a partner at bitcoinaverage? I like their price and breakout, if we integrate a ticker it will likely use that.

    That being said, you should expect LTB indexes in the future. It's a big area of focus for me, I think it'll be huge.

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