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  • Re: 2.25 million LTBC going out to folks with more than 5 forum posts (and an address on file) imminently - thanks for playing! next distribution tomorrow

    @rangeranitzky Oh well. I think i missed the 5 post thing then. too bad.

    Nope, i'm going to have @cryptonaut generate the list tonight and we'll push it tomorrow.

  • Re: Podcast tracking



    If anything we would do proof of distribution where we basically take a bittorrent protocol and mary it with an ownership ledger system that encodes both the original uploader's payment address (from which all copies derive) and leaves a space for the last mile distributor. Those two individuals are the only people in the chain who are compensated, and since everything is time-stamped its very easy to resolve disputes - earlier timestamp wins.

    Makes sense...simple and smart.

    For the listening stuff we're probably going to start with a "Magic Word" and then go to a "Proof of Education" per-episode-quiz. I'm not sure if we'll ever make that last step, but it would be preferable in my opinion although much more labor intensive.

    I don't have a better idea than the magic word. As a listener, it would not be too much labor on my part. Maybe the trick is to use ltbcoin to incentivize the entire process to take the your labor out of the equation. If there's not a way to decentralize this task, I bet there's at least a handful of LTB listeners who would do this for ltbcoin. It could be a task with a bounty attached.

    Yes, that's the idea. But its a bit further than Magic Words which will be fairly trivial to introduce.

  • Re: 2.25 million LTBC going out to folks with more than 5 forum posts (and an address on file) imminently - thanks for playing! next distribution tomorrow

    @markcarlson Yeah. I saw that as soon as I posted! Well, at least this helps.

    Having a self section in the profile would be more ideal: posts, comments, etc organized in one place. That being said, I understand the complexities of getting a community site up and going. Genius. Incentived posting. Thanks JayeK.

    Yes :) We've expanded the development team and will be improving the platform over the next month.

    We have the podcast feed issue finally resolved and automated so all good.

  • Re: kickstarting


    @ronky Hi guys,

    any good kickstarting crowdfunding websites? Except for the obvious kickstarter and indiegogo :)

    Thanks in advance for your ideas.

    If you haven't seen the Bitcoin Starter website yet you might want to check it out at:

    Bitcoinstarter is an excellent example of how if you give people a platform but don't help them use it properly to succeed, you taint the platform and any project it comes in contact with. I sent back and forth a bunch of emails with their founder last summer trying to get them to hire me and eventually for free for me to help them pick projects but they wanted to be the "If Kickstarter Rejected You, Come Use Us!" of the crypto world.

    Unsurprisingly they've had an ENORMOUS failure rate because most of the projects they list are not very thought through, don't have enough details and don't even have the basics like a video. It's unfortunate because now it sorta doesnt matter, they haven't fixed it for so long that guys like me who are really interested in this space don't even visit any more because there's never been a good reason.

    Even things I donated to and were successful (like FROG, a bitmessage client funded a year ago) don't seem to have gone anywhere at all - I hope I'm wrong and I just don't see any progress because there is no update page, but this was one of the only and most successful projects they ever funded and I don't see a single update in the last year anywhere.

    So please don't hold up bitcoinstarter - it is an example of how not to do this, and they've been proving how bad their approach was, non-stop, for the last year.

    No offense intended if they read this, if you can't be a shining example at least be a horrible warning :)

  • Re: kickstarting

    @jhowellesq I agree, well done site! Adam is CVO of CoinPowers and using it for LTB Coin.

    I am the CVO, but we are not using Coinpowers for LTBCOIN. LTBc is not a fundraiser, it's a rewards program so we actually built our own platform for this and are using all tools developed here at LTB.

    Coinpowers is a lot like kickstarter and reward based crowdfunding except instead of getting the promise of a reward you get a token the project manager commits to honor in a way that gives backers access to the project, whatever it is.

  • Re: [AUCTION] [Adam B. Levine] [Weekly End Date Sunday Noon Pacific] Hour Long Consultation via Skype (High Bid 6500)

    Thanks Tatiana ;) Good idea, I'll get some additional references from folks I've worked with.

  • Re: What other Podcasts do you listen to?

    @ppimp I like epicenter Bitcoin too.

    They were supposed to join the network actually, I'm not sure what happened. Brian said he was going to explain like two weeks ago

  • Re: [10000 LTBC Brainstorm] My Grand Plan and How should we market the LTB Network?

    @mich Here's a thought. It's as if you had reddit karma that you could freely give to other people. Or facebook likes. Or twitter stars or Tumblr hearts. The more likes you get, the more likes you can send to others in exchange for posting something you thought deserved more. It takes normal site reward systems, and then frees the user to actually DO something with them.

    I like this a lot. @deweller @Daurgothoth @rotalumis thoughts?

  • Re: Donate BTC to support the LTBCOIN Distribution Fees!

    @cc5alive Just want to point out one potential problem that I just noticed -- if I double click on the address to highlight it, it doesn't highlight the last "9r" of the address... looks like the quote format prevents it. Most readers are probably savvy enough to realize this and manually select the whole address, but I'd hate for someone to try to donate and be unsuccessful because they didn't correctly copy the link.

    Screenshot below from Firefox Browser on a Mac:

    Fixed ;) BTW i'll get to your consult question probably tomorrow afternoon

  • Re: BTC Consumption

    I've given up on balance, I get up at 5am and go to sleep around 11pm. I usually eat two meals a day, i've recently started taking half days on sundays and wednesdays.

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