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  • Re: Ask Adam B. Levine about User Created Assets or your Project in the Bitcoin Space - Mind to Matter Crypto-Consulting Services

    @cc5alive @adam -- Thank you for offering your time to discuss these types of ideas. I've been batting around an idea that I'd love to get your opinion on.

    I've started a creative incubator that develops individual's ideas (podcasts, videos, art, mixed media, etc.) and then distributes it. It currently functions as a business in which I hire people and pay them for their work (in dollars) and help them create the best version of it. The ownership of any products created is split equally between the creator and the company I have formed. The hope is to monetize anything created in a way that isn't necessarily for profit, but will afford me to pay for new people to join the incubator program.

    I'm very interested in the idea of expanding into more of a community format where people are compensated for their work in a token rather than in a specific dollar amount. I would like to be able to advertise and sell products for bitcoin where all the sales go to a specified address and then are distributed as dividends to the individuals who have earned tokens.

    The approach is very different from LTBcoin as my current idea doesn't involve creating value through the token by accepting it for goods or services, but by the expectation of future dividends. For it to work in the short term, I feel that I need to be able to be active in helping people develop and distribute creative content, and in the long term, I will need to create a community that is able to regulate itself so I'm removed as a point of failure.

    Do you have any initial thoughts or concerns about this idea? Very interested in your thoughts!

    Interesting idea - I've worked on a couple simple incubator type tokens as hypothetical exercises (and I actually have the INCUBATOR, KICKSTARTER, CROWDFUND etc tokens reserved for such projects on the counterparty platform.

    As a rule, I do not like schemes that involve using profits to buy back the token, because the broad spread of the token is actually a big legitimizing factor. The more hands which posses a given token token in amounts to make them feel part of it, the more valuable it is to work with that incubation platform since the token holding base = the initial audience that will care about it.

    When you're launching a token you are creating an ecosystem so rather than thinking "it will have little demand because it has little utility besides as a fundraising vehicle for my immediate needs" I would encourage you to think of ways to give it utility.

    The most obvious is to use it as a first class citizen with which to acquire rewards in endeavors that launch through your system.

    So I would bring my art project to you and I would ask for funding in exchange for selling tickets to my exhibit in ARTSTART coin as well as bitcoin and dollars. The value of ARTSTART coin would float with the market, so there is no exposure risk to the artist and there is utility for the token.

    The artist would of course get to keep and do whatever they want with the ARTSTART they raise, and they could offer multiple things including more hard-to-value things like "Hanging out at the studio for an afternoon" or "A Skype call to talk about influences" - These should be priced on an auction basis because its not about value so much as it is relative demand in the ecosystem. Imagine putting on an art show and auctioning the pieces for ARTSTART at the end via a website with a bunch of auction vending machines.

    So every time a new project launches on your platform, its like a new groupon for all the coin holders except they already bought the tokens and just need to decide if they like this deal or want to wait for a future one.

    Pretty sweet gig, and you get funded up front.

  • Re: Swarm

  • Re: [LTB][HIRING 100k LTBC per month] TWITTER LIASON Manage the Let's Talk Bitcoin! Twitter Account!

    @bcohen Seems like a guy who likes his technical analysis, I think a little too price oriented, don't you?

  • Re: Bidding Sysytem

    We will be integrating "Auction Vending Machines" that will have you send your high bid to an address, if you are outbid you will be refunded with a little profit (probably 1%) for your trouble.

    I believe that by making it profitable to bid and basing it on something as unstable time-wise as the blockchain, we'll have much better price discovery (and higher prices faster :))

  • Re: [AUCTION] [Adam B. Levine] [Weekly End Date Sunday Noon Pacific] Hour Long Consultation via Skype (High Bid 6500)


    @adam Uh, that's alright with me. It would be my first paid interview lol, i'll need to disclose it.

    Will you be doing one of these a week? Do you have time to do more, if there seems to be a lot of demand?

    I'm offering two hours per week, every week, for a while to see how it goes. So right now you guys don't need to bid each other up ;) There are two slots.

  • Re: DEVELOPMENT REQUEST - "Jobs" platform and the Transcription Experiment

    @karmatron a business process outsourcing company. lots of people with desks, PCs, and phones.

    btw, if any startup wants to outsource a techsupport rep or cust support agents, we accept btc. to advertise this more widely (on the ltb show) i wonder how much ltbcoin i need to amass, as measured in episode transcriptions for example, to get an ad out?

    For transcriptions there has been an ongoing bounty paid by a user on the bitcointalk forums called QWK of .15btc,

    Right now I think thats more value than the value of a spot. Prices are auction based so everything is subject to change.

  • Re: kickstarting



    @torstenendofmoney We have been lucky with our Kickstarter campaign (documentary) but have been reading a lot about services like Swarm/Lighthouse/....

    I think what you have to think about is how much 'commitment' would your supporters have towards your project. Do they REALLY want equity? Be a long-term partner? Do they REALLY have an interest in your long-time success? Most often I think the answer is no. supporters just want a DVD of a film, the album as mp3 download or some service.

    just my 2 cents

    Really you're talking about the difference between Reward based crowdfunding vs. equity crowdfunding. I think you're right, most kickstarter style campaigns don't want equity funding which has real repercussions, but that's not to say you can't do reward based with a token. I think thats where the short term innovation will be, quite excited about it really.

    Well, i do agree that equity funding is not desired by most of the campaigns. But, do you think that getting a token for your own project is they way to go? Like it would be more simple and easier, if i could just donate and get the rewards from the site in just bitcoin, getting into tokens and when you get into lots of them, its just frustratingly confusing.

    Just like now'er days when i trade at crypty or any other, its gets frustrating to see so many alt coins in there. Yes you need choices, but so many choices just makes you crazy.

    The issue is bitcoin is expensive and you have to buy it. That means in order to fundraise you would need to have money to buy the reward to give to your backers, which is counterproductive because it means now you need to raise more money. OR you wait to pay the Bitcoin reward until the project is done, but that's basically a normal kickstarter where you don't have anything but the promise and if you change your mind you have no option (compared to a token based campaign where you can sell your tokens at any point)

  • Re: [AUCTION] [Adam B. Levine] [Weekly End Date Sunday Noon Pacific] Hour Long Consultation via Skype (High Bid 6500)

    @robmitchell I'll bid 2,000, but it would not actually be utilizing your consulting services, it would be a recorded Skype interview. Is that okay? Or do you really want to keep it to consulting, @adam?

    Uh, that's alright with me. It would be my first paid interview lol, i'll need to disclose it.

  • Re: Earn LTBC by Publishing Your Writings for LTB! All accounts now may compose and submit articles for the front page - Walkthrough inside!

    @karmatron @adam, I've submitted a draft to see how the markdown carried over. how can i see it? do i need to mark it up with the textbox toolset rather than markdown? (i thought i read somewhere youre taking markdown, but it's not rendering in the textbox.) thanks

    Once you've "submitted" the piece (the button at the bottom) you can open it up again and there is a big link that says "Preview Draft"

  • Re: DEVELOPMENT REQUEST - "Jobs" platform and the Transcription Experiment

    @karmatron Hi Adam, I have a BPO. Approx how many shows would need to be transcribed to earn enough LTBC to put a spot into LTB advertising same BPO?


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