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  • Re: [LTB][HIRING 10% Commission] LTB Auction Manager 10,000LTBC performance bonus

    What questions do you have?

  • Re: SWARM.XCP - Swarm Coin.


  • Re: [AUCTION] [Adam B. Levine] [Weekly End Date Sunday Noon Pacific] Hour Long Consultation via Skype (High Bid 6500)

    @mjroncone It must be a nice position to be in for you, Adam. I'm sure it gets annoying having everybody and their sister tell you about their new greatest project every minute of the day. However, it is also really cool to have that top down view on what's happening.

    Not only that, but if you're an investor you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor before anybody really knows about it. That in itself is worth it's weight in gold. Good luck on the bidding fellas.

    It's a hugely nice position to be in, it's why I spent 14-18hrs a day sitting in front of a computer and microphone talking and chatting about ideas, people and projects.

  • Re: What should be added to the forums?



    @kerneloops @cryptonaut, @adam

    Any talks about an LTB specific IRC channel, maybe embedded within the forums (as you login, an option to sign in for IRC)? I can understand if the team is too busy to hang out in a chat room all day but since we have a quite an international audience, I bet there'd be members online at any given time.

    we actually have a pretty big skype chatroom going on already we've been inviting people to. not sure if any plans for IRC at all, could be cool though.

    I think the difference between Skype chat (or any other IM) and IRC is that you have to approve each member separately on Skype, while on IRC anyone in the community can be on, without an invite. #bitcoin on freenode is way too generic, sort of like /r/bitcoin. Not sure if there'd be interest on an LTBcoin IRC, maybe a poll?

    You've mistaken this as one of those things you should ask permission about. I strongly encourage you to be the catalyst in this situation, create the channel and any rules you feel appropriately enables neutral, fair discussion and then advertise its existence here, you could sponsor the show.

  • Re: Do Intentions Matter? - Saturday Morning Musing

    @crimsonroze I'm just talking out of personal experience. When I'm put in positions where I want to move forward and explore possible futures and are met with diversions that goes against what I'm trying to achieve I tend to get demotivated. If it's just a few detractors here and there that takes my attention and tries to change the direction I'm heading I usually consider that valid and useful input. When there is more than just some occasions and starts to become a regular must-do-with thing I end up being less productive.

    The most productive time I have ever had coding, for example, was when I had no job and only a few others who had similar mindsets to talk with. Everything rushed off in one direction and things just got done.

    I see your point. I am in a different situation, I have a world of possibilities in front of me right now both in terms of things that need doing and projects that would welcome all the time I could give them.

    So its not that I'm even really part of most of these projects, I'm just trying to help everybody succeed because I'm an evangelist for the entire space/movement.

    Thats what i mean by bet on all the horses, I talk to everybody because who knows what the right answer or execution is until it's done.

  • Re: JEDI, what would you wish you'd done before you died?

    I'd like to finish

  • Re: Do Intentions Matter? - Saturday Morning Musing

    @nilli Hm, I started writing my post before you mentioned you're not concerned about motivation...

    I don't do moderation very well, never have. I'd estimate my attention will be fixated on Bitcoin/Crypto as it is now for at least another year or two regardless of what happens, but if I continue to find success the timeline will extend.

  • Re: Do Intentions Matter? - Saturday Morning Musing

    My philosophy is that when the rewards are so outsized to the cost of participation, it is best to bet on all the horses.

    What are you concerned could cause me to lose motivation?

  • Re: Do Intentions Matter? - Saturday Morning Musing

    I'm not concerned about losing motivation.

  • Re: Do Intentions Matter? - Saturday Morning Musing

    The question is actually bigger than the show, I'm talking about my time in general. I talk to dozens of people each day and I try wherever possible to share with them any insight I might have on their project or approach from my perspective. I'm right a lot of the time, and sometimes people succeed because I help them where otherwise they would not have. I'm a background guy wherever possible.

    Is it better to be neutral like Bitcoin, or to focus and exclude those who I dont find to be immediately valuable to my ideal of a fair and neutral cryptocurrency ecosystem?

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