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  • Re: [SUBMISSIONS EDITORS WANTED][5,000LTBc per column]

    @dhimmel Hey Adam, I'm interested. I can commit about 3 hours a week. Does this exceed the minimum threshold you're looking for?

    It depends how fast you edit :) It's a per-piece commitment, so if you're unable to complete a piece in a week that would probably be the only problem. I'll activate you.

    Please edit this piece - use the "Excerpt box" for your copy. Respond here once you're done and Denise and I will OK it and you'll be good to operate on the live site.

  • Re: Bitcoin Journalism is like 80% crap and much of it paid placement

    thanks lol, I tend to pick hopeless causes.

  • Re: Legal Analysis Piece: Bitcoin are Not Securities, Next Step?

    @adam As I mentioned, our system is custom and still under construction so it's a bit quirky, here's a rundown of how each element works

    Post Title - This is the name of the article

    URL - Do not mess with this, it auto-populates based on the post title

    Author - Unless you run a blog, this will always be your name, or the name of the primary author if you are editing a piece.

    Post Status

    Three options

    Draft - Work in progress

    Ready for Publication - Locks you from further changes, flags an editor - The editor can throw it back into draft, and soon you'll be able to request it go back to draft.

    Published - If the Publish Date/Time has already passed, that means it is live on the front page. If the publish date/time has not yet occurred Featured - This is a checkbox you might not be able to see, it means your Featured Image is used instead which takes up 2 boxes worth of space on the front page. This is rarely used and is really just the start of our user curation system.

    Publish Date/Time The date/time it will show as published. Can be forward-dated or back dated. Please set your time as you see fit, eventually there will be a "Slot" availability system that shows you where the publication vacancies are but that's a bit out :)

    Featured Image (600x372) - Used if your article is featured. NOT REQUIRED

    Cover Image (400x400) - Used if your article is published, REQUIRED FOR ALL POSTS

    Excerpt - This is the first text box - it is NOT USED IN OUR CURRENT DESIGN - people often mistake this for where they should put their article, and it's wrong.

    Content - This is the second text box, it is where you should compose and format your article

    Categories - Pick one or two, tags are coming later.

    Bitcoin Tipping Address - If you already have one in your profile this will autopopulate.

    Soundcloud Track ID - If you have an audio report or podcast, you put in the "Track ID" which is a number you get from looking at the soundcloud embed code (click the share button on the desired track, then embed) - It will look something like 150028193, paste that into the Soundcloud Track ID field.

    Audio URL (overrides soundcloud url) - If you do not use Soundcloud

    Audio Byte Length (leave this - it autopopulates if you do not use soundcloud)

  • [SUBMISSIONS EDITORS WANTED][5,000LTBc per column]

    Update 2

    The application for editors us temporarily closed while we get working with our first batch of applicants. If you want to apply, watch this thread.



    @rotalumis has taken over as managing editor for the time being, please flag him (write @rotalumis) when you want to be added. Also include your username in your application as we will be assigning and organizing work on Trello.

    We've opened up our writing platform which means we'll quickly have more volume than I can handle with our small staff. If you'd like to edit articles, I'll be paying a flat 5,000LTBc per edited piece.

    In the future editors will be able to receive a negotiated fee or % and it will be handled straight between the two parties, but to facilitate getting started I'm just going to handle it myself.

    If you would like to be a submissions editor, please post here - You will be given a sample assignment and if you perform to spec you'll be paid and given editing access to the workflow.

    Right now the system is lacking many features, the tools will be evolving as we spin up the content engine so this is really a front-seat for our little project.

  • Re: Earn LTBC by Publishing Your Writings for LTB! All accounts now may compose and submit articles for the front page - Walkthrough inside!

    @secondary-ghost I've written some legal analysis of bitcoin issues. The first piece is titled "Bitcoins are not Securities". Can I get approved to write? Do I have the process straight?


    You are activated!

  • Re: Display Ads on!

    @coinssource Is this auction open weekly?

    Yes it is, but I'm waiting to get an auction manager up to speed @mich has expressed an interest.

  • Bitcoin Journalism is like 80% crap and much of it paid placement

    Here's a recent example

    What do we do about stuff like this?

  • Re: Do Intentions Matter? - Saturday Morning Musing

    Good solutions are my religion, decentralization is my doctrine in these times of need.

  • Re: [AUCTION] [Adam B. Levine] [Weekly End Date Sunday Noon Pacific] Hour Long Consultation via Skype (High Bid 6500)

    Yep, Rob and FoldingCoin got it

  • Re: Airtime on Let's Talk Bitcoin! [ AUCTION 5 CLOSES NOON Pacific time SUNDAY 7/13/14]CURRENT HIGH BIDS: 23k & 12k LTBc - LAST EPISODE WINNING BIDS: 32,542LTBc and 28,442LTBc for and

    @strip @Adam

    I would like to participate in the next round. Can you make a 45 sec update on development of Bitshares X?

    Soon it will be realized, but where is a lot of confusion for an average user. I believe that you can clarify a couple things for a general public.

    Will it be approved?

    Yes, and if you have specific FAQs you'd like me to read beforehand that will help me know what specific issues you guys are trying to get awareness out about. Don't ask me to talk about how the dev team has performed so far or you'll be unhappy :) We did have a nice interview with Daniel recently that will be on the show, I'm quite happy about DPOS as there seem to have been no major faults discovered yet.

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