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    Hi everybody, we're going to be bringing on a LTBc funded UI/UX designer to join our growing engineering team. Technically @cryptonaut is going to be doing this hiring with my consultation, but I wanted to get the ball rolling - If you'd like to be the one first tightening up, then re-inventing the design of the Let's Talk Bitcoin primary platform (front page and content interface) please make your skills known here.

    We're looking for someone who can help us integrate all the crazy features we have planned in intuitive and useful ways, and do it across a variety of formats and platforms.

    This will be an ongoing role and is a volunteer role that qualifies you for a specific level of the LTBC rewards program (UI/UX niche) - That amount is negotiable and can be either time-based or project based, negotiations with @cryptonaut.

  • Re: Asset creation

    @dirtyboots702 It shows owned by my address but I do not believe I was charged the XCP

    If its owned by your address you were certainly charged, the system is like bitcoin - if it works, the whole thing works.

    When did you create it? Click the "import funds" button in the upper right and select "from an old wallet" and see if its anywhere.

  • COINXU - Multisig, Chinese Bitcoin Ecommerce

    I recieved this note this morning. I get stuff like this all the time. I generally do not have time to look into every approach so we ignore quite a few of them, I'd like opinions from those with the time to investigate who can help give me a more complete perspective.

    At first glance, this seems interesting and I asked if they had anyone able to do an audio interview.

    Dear Mr. Adam,

    This letter is from Please let me introduce our website to you. is the first currency e-commerce platform which succeed in making the application of multisig and the service of e-commerce together in China. Multisig site have three related keys. With two keys of those, the transfer can be completed. Based on this theory, transaction exposure will be limited at the extreme. After leading the theory and application of arbitration into fragmented trade system, it will supply and perfect Bitcorn efficiently. So far, there are almost 230 shops and 1000 items on our website. COINXU.COM was set up in HONGKONG, and set its website in Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. We can provide both customers and buyers with good experience.

    Our website had a very good full coverage in recent months by a lot of the media, such as and Two of these reports are in the attachments. It is generally known that is a famous website and help support and grow other bitcoin websites. We will be grateful if you can reprint the articles in your website and introduce us to more readers.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

  • Re: LTBCoin for SPAM

    @spacebat The risk is this may increase spam production. If it only takes a handful of accounts agreeing that something is spam to make LTBc, then collusion to create spamming sock puppet accounts to block is incentivised.

    It could be a difficult balance to strike. The reward needs to be small enough to limit bad behaviour yet large enough to encourage the good. Likewise the number of votes needs to be small enough to be functional in practice, yet large enough that collusion is impractical.

    I remember back in the Freenet days, you'd have to periodically republish content to that anonymous, distributed, encrypted network to make it stay available. Suppose forum posts had a lifetime - you pay small amounts in LTBc or via a javascript proof of work hashcash style to give a post a number of views. When a post is viewed that many times, its score reaches zero and it is hidden. More coin/effort can then be expended by the author or anyone else to make a post visible again. But then, a good post should survive based on its rank alone.

    Perhaps a system like this could apply to posts with a low enough rank. Spammers need near zero costs to operate and will move on without them.

    The ideal system IMO is not automated. It is threefold

    1 - A solid set of easy to understand rules defining inappropriate behavior within our community

    2 - Allowing people to bet if a given post/comment/whatever does or does not comply with the rules. There is no advantage to betting it does follow the rules unless you think other people are incorrectly identifying it as a rule-breaker when it is not.

    3 - Have non-controversial ones be settled automatically

    4 - Have controversial ones flag a moderator who then does a rules-judgement, losing side donates their tokens to the winning side.

  • Re: Asset creation

    @dirtyboots702 Not sure if this is the right room, but I had a question for anyone out there that has created an asset in counterwallet...

    a while back I created an assett labeled SLCOIN and have not seen it appear in my wallet yet. I tried recreating it but the message appears that it already exists. Am I missing a step to have the asset appear in my wallet


    Check the asset - Is it owned by the adress you think you created it on? Were you actually charged the .5xcp fee to create?

  • Re: [LTB][HIRING 10% Commission] LTB Auction Manager 10,000LTBC performance bonus

    @mjroncone If you're still looking for someone, I wouldn't mind giving it a test run either. You could say that my current employment has pretty similar responsibilities.

    Ok! You've got the Saturday show, e128 - Two 45 second slots, please make a new thread for that specific auction.

  • Re: [LTB][HIRING 10% Commission] LTB Auction Manager 10,000LTBC performance bonus

    @davidareallen I am in. No questions.

    Ok! David, we're going to do a repeat the weekly display ads auction - Expires end of the day Wednesday, we need a 150x150 image - Rules are no sex, drugs, weapons, or anything I veto as more potentially damaging to our brand than any profit we would achieve warrants.

  • Re: [LTB][HIRING 10% Commission] LTB Auction Manager 10,000LTBC performance bonus

    @bitcoinlovesme Yea.. It would be better to get an automated auction platform. This will help all the users and improve the visibility and reach

    As soon as Jeremy at has it ready for us :)

  • LTBc Infographic - Possible Bounty, lets talk about it

    I really like what the Bitshares guys did to explain their very complicated system

    Our system is not that complicated, how big should the bounty be and does anyone want to take a whack at it?

  • Re: Forum Post's Font Size

    but the font will be larger soon.

    @cryptonaut has his first full day on the LTBc platform tomorrow and our new part-time dev is getting up to speed early this week as well. We have a major backlog of issues like this.

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