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  • Re: Three Form Identity

    @crimsonroze This is probably the most genius strike of simplicity that gives value to users that I've seen in a long time.

    Let me explain:

    I regulary post comments on the articles and I am well aware that some of my comments are well thought out while others are more like requests for comments - on my comment.

    Whenever I get unsure about whether what I am about to say could either reflect on me badly or I'm unsure if it goes with my moral beliefs or not I tend to use random aliases for the comments instead of my real name.

    This use case is something that I've maintained for a couple of months now and it's really opened me up to expressing questions and doubts about myself and my moral believes that I would not have allowed myself to openly discuss otherwise.

    Today I posted my first article for the LTB network and as a result I decided that I need to change from being a lurker who scours this forum for evening leisure to a more proper profile and went ahead and changed my real name entry, my avatar from one of my cats to an image of myself and double-checked that my account now reflects me as the person I want to be when posting serious content on the LTB network.

    This however means I've locked myself up as a publisher and should I gain a reputation I would then need to defend it and my ability to take standpoints which might be against my moral values for the sake of exploring the basic underlying arguments is now severely weakened.

    Implementing multiple options for how I post (with different avatars!) might just be enough to allow me to test and see who "me" really is in the future, without having to put all of my identities at stake.

    Yes, gaining a reputation has both positives and negatives!

  • Re: Airtime on Let's Talk Bitcoin! [ AUCTION 5 CLOSES NOON Pacific time SUNDAY 7/13/14]CURRENT HIGH BIDS: 23k & 12k LTBc - LAST EPISODE WINNING BIDS: 32,542LTBc and 28,442LTBc for and

    This thread is locked! 16 pages is too long, the auction will start over shortly with @mjroncone managing the thread - please watch the forum and repost your bid there once the new auction starts!


  • Re: Earn LTBC by Publishing Your Writings for LTB! All accounts now may compose and submit articles for the front page - Walkthrough inside!

    @crimsonroze I have a piece I believe is ready for publication but the publication date confuses me. I want it to be published "when ready" but it kept the starting date (I think) which is now in the past and there's no clear indication what timezone the date relates to!

    I'll take the timestamp from this post and use that, it should be proper and good, but you might want to make it more clear how it's supposed to be managed.

    Set the publication date to whenever you would like it to be published. If it's in the past, it will be published immediately. Editors can also set this.

  • Re: Three Form Identity

    I like this idea, but I think boards should have the ability to restrict it if it's becoming a problem to the conversation.

  • Re: [HIRING] Designer for Blog for the LTB Platform

    @ggerrein Is this a bounty, where multiple people submit a psd, or will one person be selected before the work takes place?

    It depends how many applicants there are. If you want to try and get exclusivity while you do the design you should submit either a proposal or basic mockup that makes me think it is worth closing the opportunity to others to pursue your specific vision.

    Does that make sense?

  • Re: [SUBMISSIONS EDITORS WANTED][5,000LTBc per column]

    Please do not act on the alerts :) Our system does not differentiate between trainee editors and full editors for the moment since its been all internal.

  • [HIRING] Designer for Blog for the LTB Platform

    Hi there, before I started I ran a little site and blog called - I even designed what I think is a pretty hot logo. ![]( Art/mindtomatter.jpg)

    I would like to move the blog off of tumblr and onto the new LTB platform, and so we have an opportunity to do an entirely new design.

    The Role

    Blog Designer

    The Responsibilities

    Work with Adam as client to design his curated blog skin. The LTB platform is incredibly versatile, there are no design constraints.

    Deliverables are a .psd with the various graphical elements on their own labeled layer and a written description of any actions that will need to be coded for. You will also need to be available to our implementation team should any questions come up.

    The Design Brief

    I would like something that has a blog front page that is similar to the card approach of the front page of LTB with a strong visual element using either those 400x400 images or a small slice of the images.

    On each card I'd like the # of tips and # of comments displayed along with author name, portrait. Please pick good fonts and care about spacing, I want this to look tight. It should feel real, not like data floating in abstract space.

    For articles that are on the front page of LTB there should be a little badge that looks placed on the article, i'm totally open to how this should visually look.

    Also it would be nice to have article cards visually have multiple "states" where a given note on the front page, if it's getting lots of traffic can visually "heat up" and have a differing appearance from the normal articles.

    I'd like you to design the front page with the idea of a half-size "sponsored content" card that could have space auctioned on it rather than any sort of banners on the side or top.

    Once you click on a given card to view the piece of content, I'd like to go to something that keeps some of the branding elements but totally opens up and becomes very abstract like medium where the information is the whole focus and all the other elements fade away.

    Happy to answer any questions

    The Rewards

    100,000 LTBc payable upon launch of the LTB blog

  • Adam's Process

    LTB is so information dense, so without hemming and hawing. I really enjoy it, and was wondering how >long it takes to edit each episode and what's the in-head process?

    In interviews and during host segments, I view it my primary job to give others an opportunity to showcase their perspective, viewpoint or knowledge.

    The questions I ask are intended to clarify the view which is why I summarize and re-state so often, it forces people to agree yes/no with a restatement in different words.

    If someone is full of shit they will generally disagree with my restatement even when I am correct because of a technicality type reason, getting very fixated on specific words rather than understanding the context of the restatement.

    This is not to say i'm not often wrong, but that's usually an even better opportunity because it tells (generally) the interviewee what part is unclear which they should then clarify.

    The editing process

    Stuff from skype almost always goes to a sub-editor - I work with two primarys, they do technical editing, removing gaps umms and ahhs where they are particularly bad. Neither of them are anywhere near as picky as I am about it so this is a first pass of editing, not the definitive one in nearly every case.

    I then listen to the edited pieces to decide what show it's going to go on, then I procrastinate on finishing the editing until the night before the episode is going to come out (I'm crazy busy with other projects), sit down and do a final editing pass.

    On the final editing pass for each piece of content I pick out nearly all the verbal crap. Sometimes I find myself doing this edit on the day of release and it means I spend a lot less time on this part and it shows in the episode if you know what to listen for. I also mark the break points and am arranging the pieces of content in my head. I don't like breaking up pieces of content across either multiple shows or with any content between them.

    When I consume content, I go straight through it and thats what we do with LTB.

    I do content edit when necessary, but as a rule I don't modify opinions or remove context except where information is repeated. Often times I leave in the repetition, especially if I think the message is worth emphasizing. I do not claim to be unbiased, I claim to be logic based, adaptive to new information and fair in my judgements. I also don't ask anyone to agree with me who doesn't see the issue on the same merits I do.

    Once the pieces for an episode are finished (usually 1-3hrs, 300-1500 edits) I bring them in to my episode multi-track template (previously I am editing waveforms, now we are arranging and mixing them)

    I position the interviews leaving enough room for the intro, slice the tracks at the break points and hit my music collection or the forum music submission section for transition music. I do this last minute and by feel of the interviews.

    The last thing I do is "billboards and sponsors" - I look at the episode and write my intro/credits based on it. I look at who won the sponsor auction and take a look at their project, and basically write my script then I turn on my mic and read it - usually takes about 2 total takes that I edit best/of together after the fact.

    I cut that file up, put the intro in front, the credits on back and the sponsors going over the segment in the middle.

    I go through and listen to every transition and fade one last time to make sure they all line up, then I "mix-down" (essentially the audio equivilent of flattening photoshop layers) the whole thing. About thirty minutes later the file is ready (Mono of course) and I spot listen to about 40 places for a few seconds to make sure everything sounds right.

    Then it's done.

    Sometimes when I rush I skip the quality check stuff and about 50% of the time, since I was in a rush, it's those times I need to pull down the episode and replace a fade that slid out of place during editing or correct my pronounciation of a guests name.

    The in-head process is "Do I care?" - We sometimes run things I dont care about because I try to run a neutral platform, but I don't even listen to those episodes once they release. It's definitely a balancing act between making a show for others vs as a vehicle for my own interest.

  • Re: Asset creation

    The transaction happened, your wallet just isn't seeing it for some reason. It might be an insight error, I had that problem with a balance that ghosted at .24btc but really I spent it all and Insight just had a bad copy. That has never been fixed, been an issue for a few weeks.

  • Re: Cryptopic webcomic developement & bounty!

    @edd It seems I didn't notice that private messaging isn't available yet.

    furezasan, could you email me at ed @

    We built the rocketship before installing the sink. I'm cracking the whip :)

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