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  • Re: [CLOSED][Auction] Air time on Let's Talk Bitcoin! Two 45 Second Sponsorship Slots for Episode 128 due to air 7/18. Auction Closes at Noon on 7/17! (12:00 pm PST) Final Bid(s): 31,000 / 30,250 LTBc



    @jayek Posted to reddit. :)


    So I guess that means you're now the guy running the auction for Adam?

    Well, I never planned to have a spot on the show, but since no one has bid yet, I'll start it off at 10K LTBc.

    Yes - This is the new official auction!

  • Re: [SUBMISSIONS EDITORS WANTED][5,000LTBc per column]


    @adam Please edit this piece - use the "Excerpt box" for your copy.

    After reading this I went back to my article and removed my short summary I put in the excerpt box. I was told the excerpt box wasn't used. Seems that was wrong. Anyway, cleared it up so there's room in there now :)

    Actually I liked the summary so I went with it (I moved the copy appropriately)

    But its fine

    I now realize the thing I truly lack is a managing editor and the tools to manage editors with :) Thank you for your interest! we're going to hold with the three we brought on until we have slightly better tools for assigning or claiming who is editing what.

  • Re: Audience asking questions in advance

    @ademczuk I have two questions:

    1) After the bitcoin in the beltway conference podcast from Thomas Hunt, I was wondering whether or not letstalkbitcoin may interview Brian Hoffman of Open Bazaar directly.

    2) Will this forum have a poll (that receives votes in ltbcoin) to encourage the next interviewees? Perhaps the proceeds could go towards the first podcast within the ltb network to host it. I know I would vote Alexis Ohanian to the moon.

    It probably won't be a poll, but yes. I suspect each guest will have a bounty in LTBc generated by the community requesting them ;)

  • Re: Referral Program?

    yes, that's basically correct

    We are hoping to have the referral program fully implemented by the end of the first month of disbursements. Today development starts in earnest.

  • Re: ltbcoin is junk

    @eddie Thanks for all the responses. I was able to recover my ltb account after the series of problems I encountered. I don't think it's a good long term strategy to tell people to sell their shares of ltbcoin when they're frustrated. I have contributed to ltb in a numbers of ways. It's painful to see so many problems encountered with a release, some of which I offered to solve without compensation. Adam has criticized other companies for doing the same. Despite all that, I am impressed with the ltb community. I look forward to contributing more of my ideas soon.

    There just isn't anything I can do to push us faster :) Lots to built, It's my intention to be honest with you, not be a dick when I tell you that you might just be better waiting until we're a little more developed. it's like early access games, they're generally cheaper but you pay up front and the game gets better over time without your price for it going up.

    Same thing here, you are investing your time earlier and it is less efficient now but we reward you more.

    We all have to run the math in our heads and determine if it is worth being part of this.

  • Re: Will LTBcoin Talk evolve from a forum to process votes

    yeah it's coming :)

  • Re: Pizza for LTBCoin

    @mdw Ivan, still hungry man. Sent 1000 LTB couple days ago. Not sure what that gmail addy is supposed to be either, how about sending me a line at the email listed on my profile. Thanks!

    @ivanb ping

  • Re: Life gets in the way of all this cryptoledger stuff!

    yeah I agree, although I give them out.


    @therealtwig @Adam Thank you very much! I look forward very much to the opportunity!

    Can you please register for trello and tell me your username or email [email protected] - You dont have any info on file for me to invite you.


    Please post your login if you're on the team, we're getting organized.

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