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  • Re: Earn LTBC by Publishing Your Writings for LTB! All accounts now may compose and submit articles for the front page - Walkthrough inside!

    @william @adam, I just submitted an article. As I understand it, I now wait for it to be edited? After editing, then what happens?

    After editing it's published or not, if it's not you'll get a note with an explanation for why it was not.

    We haven't not published anything yet.

  • Re: LTBCOIN for the Audience!

    @coinfire Just listened to this week's episode, thanks for such a kind plug Adam! Quick side part though, is the magic word implemented in Episode 127. If it is, I may need to relisten lol.

    No, I didnt think we would have the system for another few days so I was conservative. Turns out its ready now, so other shows will roll it out before LTB will

  • Re: SoundCloud Comments

    We're moving more and more away from soundcloud, they have some proprietary features that make some of the things we want to do difficult. Notably, we can't just do whatever we want which we can if we roll our own solution.

  • Re: LTBCOIN for the Audience!

    @dvsbyknight The "code word" embedded in the podcast is a good idea but I really hope that some kind of integration into podcatcher apps is figured out. I listen to all of the episodes in my car with BeyondPod & with a busy lifestyle it may prove cumbersome to remember to visit the site to record my listen.

    You'll be able to enter it in the LTB mobile apps, but not for a while. For now, just remember and check in sometime in the next four days.

  • [50k][WRITING BOUNTY]Re-write the Data Policy, Music page, about page and show history page

    All of them are just godawful and so outdated and I can't force myself to re-write them, please tell our story.

    Notes on specifics

    The about page should be a history, have my various talks on various topics embedded and generally lead people through the journey we've taken so far with the ability for them to dig deeper if they want to watch me talk about it more context.

    The music page

    should talk about how we work with open source musicians, we have a whole bunch and they should be linked to - it should also talk about how if you want to make music or submit your music for the LTBn shows what that process is (right now its post to forums, set your own rates etc, you might help define that)

    The Data Policy page should basically say we're going to do lots of experimental things and usually we won't be telling them whats up because we're moving too fast. We do not retain any private data that you don't intentionally give us because you want it associated with your identity, and mostly we're looking at your tokens but we will do whatever best lets us test theories and that can include tracking with cookies. If you want to operate without that, use software that blocks them.

    The bounty is split 25k for the About Us, 10k for the Data Policy and 15k for the Musician page.

    If you want to claim one of the work pieces please post here with the timeframe you'll deliver it in.

  • Re: Bitcoin Keychain Auction - includes USA shipping

    I've worked with Rob on various stuff from logoing to business cards and he did indeed very graciously send me keychains which went on a shelf and were left behind in my madness. I'm terrible at promotional consideration, but I do want to heartily endorse Rob as one of the earliest LTBc supporters and a great guy to trade with.

    Here's the quote

    They're the Best Bitcoin Keychain's I've Ever Seen, and The Only I Use When I Record the Let's Talk Bitcoin! Show"

  • Re: LTBCoin for SPAM

    @belltown I haven't seen spam as a big problem here. Maybe because nobody replies to spam so these messages go down the list quick?

    But I would love to get LTBCoins for up/down votes. You vote - you get coins

    I've deleted two spam posts, thats about it.

    And yeah, it's coming :)

  • Re: Adam's Process

    @coinfire This was awesome to read and gain some insight. Love what you are doing and love hearing about the behind the scenes stuff as well!

    I've also been really happy with the Adobe stuff for audio. I'm not the biggest fan of Adobe stuff under normal circumstances but they have some solid products in certain areas and can't be beat.

    Adobe is indeed not the best company, but I also use Gmail and Skype so I'm picking convenience over morals. The tools are very good, and I think net-net i'm using them to help :)

  • Re: CLOSED - LTB HOME PAGE Top Three Display Spots! - 7K = Spot 1, 5K = Spot 2, 5K Spot 3

    Let me kick things up - I'll bid 5k on all three.

    Sorry guys, I have things I want to advertise ;) I am only bidding from post-launch tokens so none of this comes from my initial disbursement, and I'm not going to bid too high I have a stopping point in mind already but its higher than we've been doing so far.

    • MindToMatter Consulting (which will go to my consulting thread for now)
  • Re: The JEDI Dojo

    @ademczuk Hi adam,

    Thanks for chiming in. I wanted to make my profile public to help prove an identity. However, soon after publishing my ltbcoin address I received BTCBlue, EARNFREEBTC and JEDI. Each had little in the way of documentation and without a means to search the forums it has been difficult to discern their use. While I appreciate start up campaigns, I am worried what publicly advertising one's ltbcoin address will open the floodgates to what could be junk coins.

    Yes, this is being addressed - you'll have the option.

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