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  • Re: [50k][WRITING BOUNTY]Re-write the Data Policy, Music page, about page and show history page

    Oh, well thats not as bad as I thought it was. Somehow I assumed that all websites just use cookies and thus we must.

  • [NEW SHOW FORMING - APPLICANTS NEEDED] Thinking with Tokens!

    Hey everybody, there are so many ideas and brainstorms floating around in private channels that I really want to get this stuff out in the light of day. To that end, we're forming a new show called Thinking with Tokens that will take place over Google Hangouts.

    Each episode will be part regular cast and part audience members who acquire access tokens and join us live. There will be a max of 4 "Hosts" and 5 "Guests".

    Host roles earn 7.5% of the LTBc generated by the episode you appear on, this consists of Proof of Value and Proof of Quality, but does not include sponsor revenues. Episodes that have fewer hosts have the 30% split equally based on their number.

    We are looking for one engineer/producer who can manage the google hangout live, camera control, remote muting, coordinate with guests, manage on-screen graphics and any web viewing that needs to be done. This role pays 10% of the LTBc generated through PoV and PoQ.

    We are looking for an editor who can take the resulting work, edit it for audio and video podcast release including removing any flubs during the live show and insertion of any indicated content like disclaimers, sponsor breaks, intros/outtros. You'll be responsible for volume leveling, basically producing the episode using the content given you into the standard package we'll develop together. This role pays 5% of each episode.

    We are happy to deal with multiple applicants for each role and would like to have a large staff so people can participate as they like.

    How the token works:

    We'll auction off five tokens to the highest bidders for LTBc - Keep your token in your LTBc wallet and you'll see a special menu option in your dashboard that will let you RSVP for the episode recording, and give you the link to join once the time gets close. You'll then be able to join the live show for as long as you keep the token. Anyone who wants to consult with the personalities on the Thinking With Tokens show needs to somehow acquire one of these tokens, and we will play with various ways of doing that.

    Before joining the recording, you will be able to indicate whether or not to spend your token for 10 minutes of on-air consulting time about your project during this session. You can just listen and comment during the recording by merely holding the coin, but redeeming the token creates a segment of the show dedicated to your topic.

    Once you have indicated you will be redeeming your token, you are presented with a request for your project name, a link to relevant information and a text box to write notes to be sent to the hosts.

    You will also be presented with a unique address to send your token to for redemption, once the token is received your topic will be added to the list and you will a link with the date/time to join the recording.

    Multiple tokens can be stacked. These tokens go back to the show and are resold for LTBc to the highest bidders.

    All token redemptions are non-refundable and they gain you access only. If you behave poorly, have a terrible microphone or waste our time you will be silenced or ejected. You are free to sell your access token to someone who can find more value from it.

    What do you think? How much LTBc would you pay for a THINKINGWITHTOKENS?


    @rotalumis @adam, are you still looking for a token engineer? I've been very much looking forward for to getting my hands dirty with Vennd

    Yup! you got it man, glad to have you on the team.

  • Re: LTBCoin &

    @pthed So is it just me or is LTBCoin still not listed on's list of cryptographic currencies?

    You could submit it if you'd like but we're really low volume so its hard for it to be even really fair lol

  • Re: ltbcoin is junk

    @doogy @eddie If this is an 'argument', you seem to be all alone on this one. But then again, its just my opinion :)

    Being alone in an argument doesn't make you wrong (no need for response, just saying)

  • Re: [50k][WRITING BOUNTY]Re-write the Data Policy, Music page, about page and show history page

    @lainfinity @adam what type of cookies does the site use? Persistent cookies or Session Cookies.

    If persistent cookies are used for how many days it is stored in the client machines?

    Does the site uses cookies to customize each user, collect statistical data, targeted advertising?

    Does cookies play any role in the experimentation in future?

    @cryptonaut - I actually don't know any of these answers, can you please weigh in when you get a chance?

  • Re: [Deadline 7/16/2014][EDITING BOUNTY][50k LTBc] Help me improve my latest whitepaper for publication - Distributed Autonomous Consensus Platforms as Self Solving Problems

    Thanks to everyone who helped :) @Mjroncone is going to finish it and reckon all the edits together in the next week or so but it's really awesome to have some help - this paper has been done for like six months and I haven't really known how to get it ready for primetime, this has been pretty interesting and very fast!

  • Re: [50k][WRITING BOUNTY]Re-write the Data Policy, Music page, about page and show history page

    Sounds good - Edd, I'll give you a pile of soundcloud embeds.

  • Re: Magic Word

    Yes, any audio show will be able to do this - I alerted all the podcasts besides LTB to how this works and how they can participate earlier today

  • Re: Will LTBcoin Talk evolve from a forum to process votes

    @irnhnve There'd need to be some sort of integrated wallet so that tipping could be done without having to log into your counter wallet, copy/paste your address, etc. Maybe some thing similar to the tipping bots on reddit where small amounts of LTBcoin can in a wallet linked to a user profile?

    Yes, Devon estimates we will have MVP deployments in about a month.

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