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  • Re: Graphic Artist for Hire, Portfolio Within.

    Ahh, I love it!

    Can you please design me a 800x800 image along with a 400x400 version of our upcoming system, Token Controlled Access.

    Basically you have tokens like LTBcoin and others in your addresses you've associated with your LTB user account. We call those pockets, pockets can be public (shown on your profile) or private (not publicly associated with your username)

    The contents of your pockets create your inventory, which is basically a list of all the tokens you have.

    I'd like you to take a whack at visualizing this, and I'm open to anything from physical looking LTBcoins and others in a pouch or arranged on a cupboard to an MMO style grid type abstracted inventory.

    I'll propose 15,000LTBc for the commission, but I'm open to negotiating. Thank you for posting your work!

  • Re: microphone quality guideline for contributions

    Not too much time today so this will be brief, ask anything that needs clarifying

    When we started, we used BLUE Yetis which are around $100 on ebay or amazon - This is a condensor mic which means it is essentially an "active listening" mic, it will pick up everything in the room if you have the volume too high and if you're in a space with flat or shiny walls you'll get a lot of echoes.

    It comes with a good stand and is very solid, but it picks up vibrations from your desk, your typing, pretty much anything quite loudly and while they sell a shock mount it is pretty worthless. The best solution is to not touch the mic or anything connected to it while recording.

    People often speak into the top of the microphone, this is incorrect - you want to speak into the front of it, with the Blue logo facing you. For recording a single person Its best to have it on Cardioid pattern, which looks like a circle with an indentation, a little like a heart without the point. It will pick up directly in front of the mic in a cone.

    Ideally you want to speak at a point just slightly above the face of the microphone - If you speak directly into it, your breath will get picked up as "plosives" which are the popping noise you sometimes hear. Some people use pop filters which help ameliorate this issue, I prefer to just use my microphone properly.

    You want to have as much gain (or "volume") as is neccesary to make your voice loud and clear without amplifying background noise. You want a solid signal because you'll have to amplify it later and if the recording volume is too low the background noise becomes proportionally very loud. Sometimes this is unavoidable but it's not ideal.

    The Yeti runs straight to your comptuer via USB, you plug your headphones into the yeti, select the Yeti as your audio input/output and control the playback volume from the front of the mic and the microphone gain on the back.


    now the main hosts use Electrovoice RE-220 microphones with either a dbx 286s mic pre-amp feeding or into a Cloudlifter 24db passive pre-amp feeding into their computer either through USB interface or via a mixer then into the computer recording audio jack.

    the RE220 is a pro radio mic, costs about 4x as much just for the mic plus another few hundred for the supporting equiptment but what you get for that is a very easy to use microphone. You put your face within about 3-6" of it, talk at it and it picks up only your voice and not any background or room ambience or really anything. Used properly, it's almost dead to everything outside of that range - and because it's so focused it picks up a much broader range of frequencies than is possible using the condenser.

    I can go into detail about how this is configured but it'll wait til another time since I dont think anyone outside of the main hosts have this.

  • Re: LTBCoin &

    @jratcliff63367 I received about 3,000 LTB coins, I don't know if that was for the article or just because I'm a nice looking guy. Either way, it's not enough LTB to buy a banner ad, that's why I wanted to buy some more. My daughter has a website where she sells her art prints (very reasonably priced) and since she uses Shopify she can accept bitcoin (she also keeps all of her bitcoin as bitcoin too). I thought it would be fun to post a banner ad on her behalf and help support the LTB-coin effort in the process.

    Yeah that was probably your proof of participation - You are owed a bit more, you can see it here.

    I'm trying to send out the next batch of backtokens on sunday

  • Re: LTBCoin &

    @jratcliff63367 Just out of curiosity, is there some magic to actually buying LTBCoin? I wanted to use LTBCoin to buy some advertisement on the site (which was the whole idea to begin with) and I created a buy order on the counterparty site but it doesn't look like it's ever going to be fulfilled.



    The counterparty DEX interface is not tremendously user friendly, it's being essentially revived

    Also, John - did you recieve your LTBc for the article you wrote right before launch? You have some owed to you, if your account was not set up we have not been able to get it to you yet.

  • Re: [SUBMISSIONS EDITORS WANTED][5,000LTBc per column]

    please flag @rotalumis if you'd like to be added to the system, it might take a few days to get back to you.

  • Re: I was told there would be coins

    @justincoinapult @Adam Thanks! Really excited about this project - just showed a couple Coinapulters the LTBCoin concept, and excited to see the lessons learned as this evolves.

    Awesome man, how are things down in panama?

  • Re: New York Regulation - What Does it Mean for LTBcoin?

    @shemnon I think they are overreaching. If they regulated the fiat/crypto conversion for business done in NY and regulated custodial holding of bitcoin by NY businesses that would be fine. But what they are doing is (a) reaching into federal jurisdiction and (b) insuring only the big boys can play.

    After Gox I can see why they feel that some of the regulations must be done (auditability, records, cyber security) but this feels like an overton window type reach so when they amend the bitlicenses into what they really want one portion of the bitcoin community will say "now that sounds reasonable." another portion will be to tired to fight, and another portion will seem like anarchist anti-government extremists.

    ding ding ding, only the "extremists" won't be willing to "compromise" when the whole fight is about if they have the right to do this at all outside of NY

  • Re: The issue with tipping

    @dgiors Is there an ETA on comment tipping?

    Apologies if this was answered already. I didn't read the entire thread.

    its going to be a little while.

  • Re: I was told there would be coins

    yup, each post earns you points (although the more you post the less points each earns) and we reckon and reward every saturday

    @justincoinapult Does posting still garner coins?

  • Re: New York Regulation - What Does it Mean for LTBcoin?


    @adam Basically if we're illegal so are all airline mile programs, grocery store programs, catalogue programs, etc.

    LTBcoin is marketing, not currency

    Interesting. So LTBcoin is basically not an altcoin. At least as defined by NY.

    Right, we don't have our own blockchain, we don't mine the token. The issue is people are using tokens as a vehicle to fundraise and represent the interest gained by fundraising. To classify LTB's non-fundraising rewards program in the same way would be like saying a doctors scrip is equivilent to a students homework because they're both on pieces of paper.

    User Created Assets are not altcoins, we only call it LTBcoin to represent its token nature. Coin is "better" than token, at least for now.

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