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  • Re: creative commons bitcoin material

    @lainfinity @adam Is content created by LTBc community Creative Commons?


  • Re: creative commons bitcoin material

    Yep, LTB could do it or community members could take it upon themselves and use some of their collective resources to do it.

  • Re: [IDEA] Music Adspace


    Yeah I'm all in favor of anyone who wants to try it.

  • Re: [IDEA] Music Adspace

    Right, my concern here is this

    I'm actually really picky about music. I will say no to people who are willing to give us funds because frankly I dont want music I dont like on the show, and thats a sorta shitty service to provide.

    So other people can do this but I'm very nervous since I do not like insulting people who want to help and rejection is nothing but an insult to an artist. The way we have things now I pick the things I like and do not comment on the things that don't fit my needs. Its not great, but it prevents me from having uncomfortable or alienating interactions with people trying to support what we're doing in their own way.

  • Re: microphone quality guideline for contributions

    I haven't talked about remote recording, but its a good point. You can filter audio directly on the device but I don't bother with stuff like this.

    I use a ZOOM h4n, and everybody I tell to get remote field recording equiptment tends to go with that. It has two XLR inputs on the bottom, so actually the way you want to record conferences is bring an XLR cable with you, go up to the guy at the sound board and ask if you can take a line out of the monitor mix.

    This will record ONLY what the microphone on the stage (or elsewhere) hears, not any of the ambient. Conference audio is so awful because you are recording an amplified audio in a large room so you get tons of echos and refractions, a direct line out is the cleanest easiest way.

  • Re: I just bought 1 LTBCOIN


    @adam Yep, you can see the weekly inflation (most right column) here

    also, we're still waiting to give out a substantial portion of the LTBC created in the first 10% because people have not signed up with counterwallet addresses. Thats been sorta on my plate but I need to hand it off because I don't have time to track down everybody.

    How would the coins that would be distributed to users be used if the users do not create an address and enter it in their profile? Would they be added to the next distribution?

    For the initial distribution, that is all owed and held in reserve. For weekly distributions, if you don't have it signed up than you're not included.

    The back-tokens (owed for last year) are being done manually, by me, which is why we are so slow and terrible. email [email protected] if you need to be included.

  • Re: Chain Radio is Bitcoin Radio

    @rob Out of curiosity, I have to ask… I see "Chain Radio is Bitcoin Radio" as the signature on so many forum accounts! How did this happen? Why do so many users have this in their signature?

    He's paying LTBc per week for sigs

  • Re: A Structure for Token Based Alternative Reality Games (ARGs) - Tokens and Leaderboards

    @crimsonroze This reminds me of

    Yes, it's a token-ized version of that.

    If you've read the book Ready Player One you'll recognize this is their contest, except we openly call them tokens instead of keys in this abstract description.

  • Re: The Editorial System we're developing here at LTB

    @popinjay Very nice! Everything seems to be well thought out. I sure there will be little snags that will get worked out as we go along.

    You don't mention anything about Trello. You should say a word about that here as it is needed for the process

    currently it is needed for the process, I'm not sure it will be.

  • Re: The Editorial System we're developing here at LTB



    Once the editor is done they change the status to Pending Review which pings the author again to check the work and confirm the changes. It would be awesome to show them a side-by-side or red-highlight the changes made, otherwise this will be a tedious step.

    Do you know about Draft? It uses Markup and has a function for side-by-side editing.

    ahhh very cool


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