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  • Re: Should LTB charge for its podcasts

    Also, it should be noted that I voluntarily committed to not sell any of the LTBc I earned last year (since I am the largest holder) until the market develops some depth and stability, which it seems to be doing at around 400 satoshis.

    I'm not planning to sell any, but just keep in mind that was not much of a commitment and was for when we are starting out. We will be doing lots of things with our LTBc, but already it has allowed us to staff up and increase our development speed (although this will take some time to show)

  • Re: What should be added to the forums?

    @shopnhowler @adam @cryptonaut

    In my humble opinion, the greatest potential within this forum lies in the community that's been started here and our economic/life values tied by cryptocurrency (I think this is evidenced by the community's/forum topics' growth since the introduction of LTBcoins).

    From what I've been reading throughout the forum, there's a need for:

    *general process flow that utilizes the LTB podcasts, threads, and coins;

    *a general need for content, delivery, and filtering to appropriate audiences; and

    *a way to incentivize LTB'ers to maybe earn a living.

    In my much more humbler opinion, I think the idea of forums are a little too rigid and have a simple (perhaps too simple) idea. Its hope is to use the current community here and a standalone client/app to create, modify, filter, and spread content that references the podcasts we all love but would eventually replace the rigid forum-thread structure. This was inspired, in part, by one of Paul Graham's idea for a better email (not a huge fan of Paul, but I think he was on to something here).

    Basically, I don't have enough LTBcoin to bid for your time (18k now!), but I was wondering if I could appeal to LTB's interests to ask for your (Adam) help. :) I'm thinking if it's okay, I'd just draft/email a short 1-2 page blurb and if it's worth refining/forming a team maybe we could get 1 or 2 people like cryptonaut on board.

    *edit: bullet points needed fixing

    What can I do for you?

  • Re: Proof of Participation Report!! Week #3

    @jayek I don't believe mine showed up in my Counterparty wallet....

    I got this"You have received a distribution of 13905.23876228 LTBCOIN to 1KA8obqaJ9JocVaa9GGo2WRhnSUokmdjj6 - Proof of Participation"

    yet I only received the 5+ post distro anyone have any ideas?

    Turns out nobody did, Nick is setting things up again and we're going to try it one more time.

  • Re: Should LTB charge for its podcasts

    I'm going to withhold my opinion and encourage ya'll to talk this out.

  • Re: Proof of Participation Report!! Week #3

    @rockhoward I received a notification saying "you have received a distribution ..." however my counterparty wallet shows no such distribution. I know that counterparty can be a bit slow, but it has been 90 minutes since I received the notification.

    So do you wait to receive confirmations before you send out the notification? If not, then perhaps the notification text should be reworded to account for any potential delay.

    The system does not generate notifications until it sees transaction IDs, in this case the tx-ids were invalid

  • Re: LTBCoin &

    @jratcliff63367 Well, I didn't send it to a random address. When you hit 'show info' on your own wallet it is rather unexpected that it pops up an address other than your own. I should have paid closer attention, but apparently it brings up the address of the owner of the asset.


  • Re: When did you first start listening to LTB? What is your favorite episode?

    @r11se I have listened to every episode and usually check soundcloud a couple times hoping there will be some new content before the next episode. Love you all. I really love Bitcoins & Gravy and Mad Money Machine, but truly I love them all. I run a restaurant that accepts bitcoin so I always love hearing from the merchant side and the integration into brick & mortar side. Keep up the great work!!

    Awesome note, can you link your restaurant?

  • Re: Proof of Participation Report!! Week #3



    Hi Adam,

    one question: I entered the magic word (accepted on July 19, 2014 at 2:39 AM as stated in my profile), but in your sheet it's written "0 magic words" for my user-account. Is that a mistake? On which date and time do you do the weekly cut?

    A week runs Saturday to Friday, so you did it at the start of this week, about two hours after the end of last week

  • Re: Proof of Participation Report!! Week #3

    @kylerk Very neat to see all the participation. Is there a public view of the equations that are used?

    We had hoped to have a public-facing "report" page auto-generate, but it's going to be next week.

    The formula is not private but we don't want people "gamining" the system. The only things that do not become worth less as you do more are view new pieces of content, which is always worth one point.

  • Proof of Participation Report!! Week #3

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