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  • Re: Search Function for LTB?

    Its very much on the list :) The forums are very very feature bare as you've noticed, we're remedying this as quickly as possible.

  • Would You Pay for Early Access? What about all articles-as-audio for commuters?

    I've been enjoying watching this thread that asks users what they think about LTB charging for their content in one way or another.

    The answer was a fairly resounding no, which isn't surprising to me. We live in a world of infinite choices, it's like asking millenials to pay for porn - They never did and got by just fine, so why would they now?

    One idea I have long since thought would be an avenue for a profit generating service we could provide would be simply having a subscriber feed that gives you all the shows and content, but a night early.

    Basically the target market are two groups - Information junkies (like me) and commuters (not like me) - Information junkies want everything we can give them as fast as possible and then are unhappy they don't have anything left, so they sit there refreshing the page waiting. I suspect this group would pay for such a service if they found the information valuable. What do you think?

    For commuters this would be valuable because it would allow the shows releasing the following day to pre-load before the morning drive in. It has been indicated to me that this would be found valuable. What do you think?

    I'm thinking a list price in the $15-$25 per person per month range available in USD BTC (cheaper) and LTBc (cheapest)

    Commuters generally are the only group we do not saturate with our content, many people have 2 hours of driving a day and we only put out 5-10hrs of audio content per week now. That will likely change in the future, but another idea is to have all content on the site produced, read and recorded for audio consumption. This could be subscriber only or sponsor supported, but ideally it would be subscriber driven, same type price range as above daily, weekly, or monthly subscription service.

  • Re: Graphic Artist for Hire, Portfolio Within.

    It looks kinda gross, can we try something with less food? :)

  • Would you trade your LTBc for Bitshares?

    I was talking with Simeon II at the bitsharestalk forum

    I will be buying the best sell offers (for LTBcoin) currently at the exchange(s). So my offer is the neighborhood of ~168,000 – 154,000 LTBcoin/BTC and ~0.000020 -0.000025 BTC/BTSX. Adjust the above rates, if they work for you and post/PM me your offer.


    I see, you want me to sell you LTBCOIN and you will give me BTSx As I mentioned, I have quite a few BTSx as well :) I appreciate your vote of confidence and encourage you to post your offer on the LTB forums where you might find interested takers. I've taken the liberty of making a post for you, based on the middle-ground rate of .0000225 (between the two figures you quoted) that makes it about 44,444 BTsx per BTC, so its about 3.6 LTBc per BTSx

    I've suggested he post in this thread, figured I'd pass along the offer to those who might be interested.

  • Re: [AUCTION] [Adam B. Levine] [Weekly End Date Sunday Noon Pacific] Hour Long Consultation via Skype (High Bid 6500)




    @william Hey @Adam, what's the cut-off date and time for this auction? The price is rising quickly, but I might want to try to get another bid in between flights.

    @RobMitchell, you are right! Adam's time is worth bidding high for. So, I'll bid two hours at 11,500 each.

    Sunday @ noon, so you have several days. This is a weekly auction.

    I believe the high bid was @faceface who bid 18k for 1 hr. Next highest was me who bid 11.5k for two hours each. Time stamp on @kerneloops' bid was 2pm, and cutoff time was noon. Unless I"m jumping the gun, I believe I won 1 hr?

    Yeah, I think I showed up late to the party (as always). Verify with @rob, as I think he'll be taking this under his wing -- though we'll still have to verify with @adam.

    Yep, he's late - email [email protected] for payment info and to schedule your session. We'd like to book these out within a week or two of the auction so I don't stack up owed time.

  • Re: T-Shirts for the D.A.M.N known as Lets Talk Bitcoin

    Very cool :) Excellent initiative. Curious for a price?

  • Re: Public

    @day-man Is it required for you profile to be public to get LTBCOIN ? If it is not public "It looks like you have not yet registered for the LTBcoin Rewards Program!" ?


  • Re: Should LTB charge for its podcasts

    What would you think about a bonus update once a week about the inner workings at LTB for bitcoin and LTBc subscribers

    Would you want it weekly? with every show? What would be a fair donation level in BTC terms, .01? per week per month?

  • Re: Are girls using Bitcoins?

    I'd love to get some more female personalities on the air. Stephanie does great work but I know it's lonely :)

  • Re: LTB Privacy Issue?

    Both SSL and a concept we call "Pockets" should handle this. We are aware of the concern.

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