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  • Re: Ethereum cartoon


  • Re: LTBc Fantasy Football

    yeah same boat here as kerneloops, not a fantasy football guy but definitely subscribed to the thread.

  • Re: is it safe to base LTBcoin on doge?

    @jguske Party changed its meaning. CounterParty implies a 3rd party holding an asset. DogeParty implies -- well -- a party with balloons and cake.

    The other name we considered was Counterdoge but thought it sounded a bit miltaristic.

  • Pheeva's new 30s spot "Troll, Please!"

    I think its pretty hot

  • Re: microphone quality guideline for contributions

    @r-frank @adam What file type is necessary for the audio recording? MP3? WAV? and AIFF?

    .mp3 is the most universally usable format without sacrificing quality. .wav is about 10x the size, .aiff is fine but I don't use it over .mp3

  • Re: LTBc Toolbox



    @loon3 To help consolidate into one place the LTBc tools and widgets I've created, I put together a toolbox.

    LTBc Toolbox

    I plan to keep the LTBc Toolbox current with any new tools I build for the Let's Talk Bitcoin network and LTBc.

    Thank you for all your effort. When I get myself some LTBc I'll donate to keep things like this coming. Is there anything else you have in mind to be developed?

    I've been thinking of using assetholder data as well as forum user data to create some network statistics to help users easily and quickly gauge the size of the network, asset distribution, etc.

    Hey Joe, I've added your link to the LTBCOIN rewards menu - great work man.

  • Re: NXT

    Because we've built a number of instrastructure pieces into the LTB platform that perform value added functions on top of what counterparty already does. Whatever we do for nxt needs to be fundamentally different.

  • Re: What happens after the weekly disbursements?

    @william There is a BONUS promotion that has been going on for the last three weeks and that ends on Saturday about forum posts. Its only until saturday, but it was only a bonus.

    The normal proof-of-participation distributions continue for another five years.

  • Re: Refer a friend and get more LTBcoin!

    @mike Can we have some insight on how much we estimate this will affect PoP? Is there a certain portion of the overall fund attributed to it?

    (Not the biggest fan of referral programs. It seems to me like they get gamed a lot and everyone else suffers.)

    Yes, this has a dedicated pool from the weekly disbursement - we're going to be tweaking the exact numbers for a while yet

  • Re: How does proof of listening work?

    Right, the other option we pursued briefly was having users associate their account name on a podcast player or apple or whatever they used, and it was a logistical nightmare.

    Magic Words is the LTB listener rewards program - outside of that, you can earn more rewards by using the site either by enjoying our content or contributing your insight to the conversation.

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