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  • Re: [50,000LTBc Each] Prepare and Manage the LTBcoin BitcoinTalk Announce Thread (Need both English & Chinese!)

    @miner Consider me as a candidate for the Chinese thread manager. One thing demands attention is that the Chinese words couldn't be properly displayed.

    It's on the to-do list.

  • Re: [50,000LTBc Each] Prepare and Manage the LTBcoin BitcoinTalk Announce Thread (Need both English & Chinese!)

    @lainfinity @adam I have some questions regarding Thread Manager

    • Is the thread is LTBcointalk or you are planning to create a new thread LTBcoin BitcoinTalk?

    • Is it to update post for post or select the posts in the thread and update BitcoinTalk forum?

    • If you select the posts in the thread on what basis do you select?

    • what frequency to update the post?

    Yes, it's a new thread

    It's to update and maintain it, answer any questions post announcements etc.

    The frequency of updates would likely be weekly and could be reposts of the Community Update that is being written for the front page.

    You'll be expected to monitor the thread and respond to questions as needed.

    @cracker @adam Is this position still open? I didn't find a LTB thread on bitcointalk yet.

    I would be very interested in managing the LTBcin thread. I already watch and comment on that forum daily, so I'd love to make some LTBcoin while doing it! I think being on bitcointalk would really help get LTB more recognition, there are still plenty of people there that have no idea how awesome LTB is. As far as content goes, I think maybe a rough outline like this for the main post:

    • General Info on LTB, who/what/why
    • Highlight specific standout podcasts (great guests or just great content)
    • Highlight standout articles (excerpts from recent Sunny King article for example)
    • Info about LTBcoin, a list of all the different ways to earn LTB should be presented here. Also a general who/what/why of LTBcoin.
    • Somewhere in there also highlight the LTB forum as well, mentioning jobs for LTBcoin, etc.

    From there, probably posting a recent article/podcast either once a day, or every other day, and answering any questions or concerns from the community. I think posting multiple times a day about new articles may be a bit spammy, but we could also have 1 line links of say the most 10 recent articles podcasts, somewhere in the OP thread. I have messed around with styling on those forums in the past, I think I could create something very nice.

    What do you guys think? Am I going in the right direction here?

    Sounds ideal if you are willing to be this active, I think it would be a benefit.

  • Re: Audience asking questions in advance

    @doogy I like the concept but I hope it doesn't come at the cost of a shorter show. I always feel like they try to cram so much stuff in to begin with.

    Honestly shows will be getting longer again, we have so much content and everybody wants to be on RIGHT NOW THIS EPISODE OMFG I AM ANNOUNCING SOMETHING and Andreas has been hard to nail down for host recordings with finishing the book and traveling for conferences!

  • Re: #Doodling4Tips

    Indeed, I actually have available and I've been trying to think of what to do for our first "art" blog but that could be a good schtick. A blog that cranks out that type of content, and the "best" stuff is picked for front page placement.

  • Re: Reading Material

    @kyleatlas @adam Wow, awesome resources! Knocking it out of the park like always. I will definitely give these a look. I admire your level of involvement, nothing passive, and everything having that personal touch. Much thanks!

    the role of the catalyst is to spark the tinder and grow the flame. Expect my activity to drop as it no longer means so much ;) Right now i'm about 1% of the involvement on the forum, down from 2% last week.

  • Re: Reading Material

    Perspective Building - Moderate The Master Switch by Tim Wu

    Perspective Building - Short The Starfish and the Spider

    Fiction - Context Building - Long Reamde by Neill Stephenson

    My preference is always audiobooks, have a good trip.

  • Re: WATCH_DOGS download from NVIDIA


    forgot to ping

  • Re: WATCH_DOGS download from NVIDIA

    I'll take you up on that, this game is on my to-do list and I'd been putting off buying it.

  • Re: LTB API and Magic Words

    @lostdroid Yesterday I discovered the LTB API for fetching user details. I was wondering if there was an API for submitting Magic Words and if not could we have one. I appreciate that someone could possibly use this to try to brute force a magic word but I'd guess you already have a mechanism in place on the standard html form to stop this.

    I'd like the API to just require User Name and Magic Word so that it can be submitted without logging in. I've been working on an Android App for displaying an address's LTBCoin balance and thought it would be good to add Magic Word submission. That way I can submit words from my phone immediately after hearing them without logging in or waiting until I get home.

    BTW, is there a link to what the API currently supports?

    Thanks, J

    I'm not sure what I think about letting magic words be redeemed outside our official portals. Most things really are going in the API, but this seems like it could be used to game the system essentially and we do want to protect against that where possible. Coming back to the site is desirable even if it weren't required. The plan right now is to make this feature through apps we trust (like the official ones we're creating for mobile devices) and partners who we trust.

    @cryptonaut - do we have api documentation available?

  • Re: Pheeva's new 30s spot "Troll, Please!"

    @multisigcp That is great ad any word on if they are going to use it outside the web say on tv?

    I don't think the pheeva guys have a big bankroll the afford mainstream airtime

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