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  • AUDIENCE QUESTION REQUEST: Justin of Coinapult

    Hey everybody, we're speaking with Justin of Coinapult tomorrow (Stephanie is interviewing him, I'm producing in the background). Coinapult is Erik Voorhees company that lets you send bitcoin to an email address, they block US customers, they're based in Panama. What do you want to know?

    No promises but I periodically back-channel questions, if what you've got is better than what I've got I'll use yours.


    Hey everybody, some people have been asking to know who we're interviewing before we do it, in the future Krystal is going to do this but I'll tell you this time that tomorrow morning Stephanie and I are speaking with Damelion, a prominent member of the NXT community.

    What questions do you have about NXT? What should we make sure to ask? No promises but here's a better chance than you've ever had to influence our interviews before they happen :)

    Also a 2,000 LTBc prize to whatever I deem the single "best" question (no criteria)

  • Re: 2FA?

    I'd be more interested in offering a blockchain enabled 2fa solution to be honest.

    If a user chooses to set up the system, they indicate a bitcoin (or dogecoin, whatever) address they control. Whenever they want to login, the system generates a new verification address shown only to them, they send a dust tx to it and as soon as it hits the network (no confirmations) they're allowed in.

  • Re: Melotic: I thought the whole point was that counterparty was a decentralized exchange

    wait til you see the new DEX trade interface, looks like bter with a worse paint job. Very slick.

  • Re: LTBc Fantasy Football

    @loon3 @adam

    Ah, I was hoping vennd's cost of hosting wouldn't be prohibitively expensive. Depending on the complexity of the source code I may be able to run a server, otherwise I'll probably just distribute the tokens manually.

    Planning on fixed amount of LTBc per team.

    We'll be either paying for a server or running one on our own before long I'm pretty sure, so at that point we should be able to run just about any number of vennds off a single server and indeed might offer vennd subhosting for LTBc denominated (and btc too) items in our "LTBc Bazaar"

  • Re: [50,000LTBc Each] Prepare and Manage the LTBcoin BitcoinTalk Announce Thread (Need both English & Chinese!)

    @cracker @adam I have no problem being that active. I'll work on getting the main thread together soon.

    Great, Feel free to include the community in your prep (i.e. you might start a thread about it to solicit feedback). Or if you'd rather cowboy it, we can try that too.

  • Re: LTBc Fantasy Football

    @loon3 We're up to 8 which means we have at least the minimum we need.

    I created 12 Counterparty assets (FFLTEAMA, FFLTEAMB, ... FFLTEAMK) and I'm working on creating a web interface we can use to track which addresses control which teams. I'm hoping to use a vending machine to sell the team assets (if it's available within the next few weeks, maybe @adam has an idea...) If not I can just distribute them manually. Once the season get's started I can also aggregate the scores on my site.

    Let's see if we can get 4 more people!

    Joe are you going to ask a fixed price of LTBc and one of BTC? Just LTBc? Is there any complexity here or is it just send back tokens based on a preset ratio to the originating address?

    Also, are you wanting to host your own server of this? The set-up cost from the vennd guys is 2k usd up front plus a $200/mo hosting cost

  • Re: Audience asking questions in advance

    @day-man This would probably be better in a live setting. Is there any thoughts of doing live shows at all?

    The costs and added hurdles of live often do not outweigh the benefits. Live audiences are a tiny fraction of the full reach so it winds up being a lot of added difficulty and format rigidity for little gain felt by few people.

  • Re: [CLOSED][Auction] Air time on Let's Talk Bitcoin! Two 45 Second Sponsorship Slots for Episode #130 due to air 7/25. Auction Closes at 2:00 PM PST on 7/24! Current High Bid(s) 66,000 / 22,000 LTBc

    @pinheadmz Why doesn't the podcast accept produced audio submissions? (Like :30 radio ads) There used to be ads like that on the show...

    Sure, fine with me. I'm also available to create full standalone 30s spots, but there is a cost for that as it has draft approvals and takes time.

  • Re: [CLOSED][Auction] Air time on Let's Talk Bitcoin! Two 45 Second Sponsorship Slots for Episode #130 due to air 7/25. Auction Closes at 2:00 PM PST on 7/24! Current High Bid(s) 66,000 / 22,000 LTBc

    I'm open to sponsors picking the magic word but it opens us to the attack vector of the chooser then sharing the code with lots of people through some other mechanism which dilutes listener rewards.

    We would maintain a firm veto on words, so prismcides proposed would not be OK ;)

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