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  • Re: Any way to calculate?

    @mdw I may have promised something I can't deliver. I wrote an article, and promised 10% of LTBc reward to go to a contributor who made an image. But I'm not sure how much to send!

    So I wonder, how much of the amount I was given today was from that article - any way to figure it out?

    I think I'm just being forgetful here, wasn't there some spreadsheet on google drive?

    Here's the spreadsheet, I update it weekly and it's a totally manual process for now.

    Look at the tabs at the bottom, we just settled up week 4

    If you wrote an article you recieved like 80-ish thousand LTBc, so that was the portion you should split from.

  • Re: Bringing in new podcasts

    We've talked with them in the past, it took way too long for us to do everything and so when we got rolling and I extended the offer about a month ago Brian Fabian said he'd explain what was up to me soon but I have yet to hear from them.

    Admittedly I have not been super pro-active about this, and I should be.

    We're going to have our expectations and offering available very soon, I need to write it.

  • Re: [AUCTION] [Adam B. Levine] [Weekly End Date Sunday Noon Pacific] Hour Long Consultation via Skype (High Bid 6500)


    @adam Thanks Tatiana ;) Good idea, I'll get some additional references from folks I've worked with. @tatianamoroz

    Adam & Tatiana, I think it's REALLY cool what yall have done with Tatiana coin. Can we expect some reflections at some point about what worked and what didn't? Would love to avoid the mistakes yall may have made, not re-invent the wheel, and pioneer into some new lands at the same time..


    Yes! We've already done that to a certain point with the live hangouts on the youtube channel (can s omebody else link? don't have time atm)

  • Re: Refer a friend and get more LTBcoin!


    @cryptonaut @btcrevel

    Yeah its planned, will be replacing "likes" with the upvote/downvote mechanism in near future

    Having previously worked at Facebook in a data team I'm not a big fan of this idea.

    We had compiled over 7,000 pages of research that shows offering a down mechanisim simply makes people feel like they shouldn't be contributing. Even if only offered as a spam control system people will use it to downvote opinions etc they don't like and if they can see that happening they will get discouraged and stop participating.

    No matter how well intentioned a downvote system will breed negativity and the research completed showed even if it is said to be only for "spam control" if the end users can see the impact of a downvote.

    Our proposed implementation works like this:

    Each user can upvote or downvote whatever they want, from posts to other users comments. They may do one or the other (not both) once per post or comment. Voting up gives the poster recieving the upvote +.5 POP, which is our comparative metric so it gives you a little advantage compared to everybody else to recieve an upvote in the next proof of participation distribution.

    A downvote deducts .5POP from the person receiving the downvote (you earn 1 POP for visiting a new piece of content for the first time, 4 POP for making a post or comment to give you an idea. It costs this of both the person receiving the downvote, and also the person who is doing the downvoting (there will be a tool tip explaining this cost). The cost is non-refundable, this is the "bearhug the bad guy and jump off the cliff" option where you sacrificing yourself for the good of the land. It actually reduces the total pool of POP which makes all the remaining POP (that wasn't involved with the downvote, which is bad for everybody involved) worth a little more.

    We're going to use these metrics for the sorting of content. We're not really worried about people not wanting to participate because they are being incentivized to do so and it's natural that this get more competitive as time goes on.


    Funny story, about 450k LTBc went walkabout when our aggressive caching strategy backfired and couldn't see the sends properly going through, which resulted in about twenty five people recieving several repeated distributions.

    YOU SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED TWO distributions, one is the last week of the forum promotion (about 6,000LTBc per person with more than five posts) then there was the Proof of Participation distribution which is different for every person. If you recieved more than two and didn't create any content either this week or week 1 (June 27th-July 3rd)

    We could track people down to recover this extra, but I'd rather just go with the honor system - If you recieved extra and want to send it back, here's the address


    If you don't want to send it back, I encourage you to look at it as surplus to be used to grow the ecosystem - That's pretty much what I do.

  • Re: When to buy LTBcoin?

    You can see the weekly distribution schedule here - this was the first week since we started where inflation (expansion of the money supply) was below 10%

  • Re: Verify Address

    @cryptonaut Hey guys sorry I should have put a note on there, currently there is an issue with how counterwallet signs messages which is making them invalid (should be fixed pretty soon). Signing messages from other wallets (e.g bitcoin-qt or electrum) appears to work fine.

    I was able to simply verify by sending .0001btc to the verify address, very fast and gets around the signing issue.

  • Re: The Magic Word's Magic

    Here was my message to paul after I approved it.

    In the future can you not put the magic word right at the beginning? I don't have a problem with you trying things like the brawker register thing, but I don't think its good to put the clue in the shownotes, or to explain it right at the beginning. The point isn't to maximize the number of people who enter the word, rather it's to see how many people are really listening and then engaging.

    So you can see where I took issue and where I did not.

    I don't have a problem with trying things, please do voice your opinion because I plan to keep most of these programs pretty neutral for their users but if there's something you don't like it's in your best interest to make it known.

  • Re: Refer a friend and get more LTBcoin!

    @y0c0ins I'd like to add some LTB referral forum ad banners on some of my crypto related info and entertainment sites. Does LTB have any official ads that would be useable for this sort of thing?

    What dimensions would you like?


    @ivanb I'd like to hear how Krystal views NXT when compared to Ethereum, Bitshares, CounterParty and Mastercoin. They're all gen 2 platforms with plans for delivering features that Bitcoin either can't or won't deliver in the short term. What area is NXT most likely to succeed? Where does it have the most challenge?

    The guys name is Bas, he's dutch (Krystal handles our guest booking so she'll be posting these question requests - She is not damelion :))

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