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  • Re: LTBc Fantasy Football

    Hey @loon3, think my 50k buys a league sponsorship?

  • Re: Listener Funded Content

    Sounds great

  • Re: Ethereum cartoon

    We don't have a "comic" categorization right now is the main issue, maybe the best thing would be to have you do some of the 400x400 images for articles/podcasts?

  • Re: Looking for a LTBcoin Chief of Staff for Bitcoins and Gravy


    @adam @Mike i've actually been waiting for you in IRC for like two days to ask you lol

    Hahahah, sorry mate. My lady's family had an unfortunate loss, so I was out there providing support pretty much 24 hours a day. I'm back now though.

    @kerneloops Thank you!

    no worries ;) Take care of business, welcome back.

  • Re: LTBcoin stats page

    Brian what I've been thinking about doing is just breaking off different types of content into their own pools and making podcasts compete against podcasts, articles against articles. Written would have a smaller pool, but there would be defined amounts going to each of "the arts"

  • Re: LTBc Fantasy Football

    @loon3 @therealtwig

    You know, we could even do the peg without a vending machine. You could do it just using the decentralized exchange. You just place a gigantic order selling LTBc and buying FOOTBALL at 1.01LTBc/1FOOTBALL and at the same time place a gigantic order selling FOOTBALL and buying LTBc at 1.01FOOTBALL/1LTBc

    There will be a tiny tiny trading range but effectively it will be a pegged market, and since we control the number of FOOTBALL available we can control the size of the market and not let it run away from us.

    I'd be happy to help experiment with this decentralized-exchange based peg mechanism.

  • Re: Looking for a LTBcoin Chief of Staff for Bitcoins and Gravy

    @Mike i've actually been waiting for you in IRC for like two days to ask you lol

  • Re: LTBcoin stats page



    @bcohen @adam

    "and then podcasts recieve a 4x multiplier on the pageviews since the majority of users consume podcasts without ever visiting its particular content page."

    That's sensible.

    However, Podcasters do receive substantially more POQ than writers though.

    I think (?) its now safe to assume that writers are driving traffic to Podcasts whereas prior to the launch of LTBcoin I assume (?) it used to be primarily the opposite... that Podcasts would drive traffic to the blog...

    just sayin' ;)

    I'm very aware of the issue Brian and I'm open to suggestions on how we address this.

    Here is an idea that might work or might further enhance some brainstorming. Modify the magic word a little by adding "magic Podword" and "magic Blogword". I know this really just adds a few more LTBC to the listeners or readers or both but it should drive traffic both ways.Or instead of the new addition of Podword or Blogword combine both into the "magic words" and have part of it said within the podcast and the other part found within the blog.

    I hope this helps a little as i couldn't think of anything right away other then this as i do not know what writers make in POQ and what podcasters make in POQ. I think this would drive traffic from podcasters to the writers blogs and vice versa if the magic word(s) was only worth 5 points if both words are correct else it could be worth 2 points for podcast word or 2 points for blog word.

    Its about a 3:1 full length podcast: column

  • Looking for a LTBcoin Chief of Staff for Bitcoins and Gravy

    Hey there,

    The weekly show Bitcoins and Gravy is ready to jump into the LTBc ecosystem. They will be holding sponsor auctions and bringing on some new team members to help with some of the pieces they don't have time for.

    Right now what they need is someone who is familiar with the LTBcoin space and who can act as their liason. You would talk with Lij and John, figure out what they want, and then you'd be responsible for making it happen. Compensation is negotiable but I'll offer 20k up front to the person who gets them off the ground with their sponsorship auction.

    do NOT just start the thread, please post your interest here and they'll decide who they'd like to work with. Might be multiple people.


  • Re: LTB FAQ or help

    They must have changed the default, you should be fine. If you want to create another address, the option should be there in the upper right corner of the "view balances" page

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