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  • Re: Design the new LTB studio computer and win 10,000 LTBc!

    @kerneloops @adam, sure, I'd love to contribute.

    I get a decent discount with FedEx (IIRC at least 50%, maybe up to 70%). What's the timeline?

    Floor and standing desks went in yesterday, internet guys are coming end of the week. I'm ready whenever, whats your timeframe?

  • Re: Design the new LTB studio computer and win 10,000 LTBc!

    @kerneloops And, if you happen to be dropping by in LAX/Santa Monica area, I'll put one together lickety-split :)

    Want to build and ship? I'm planning on paying a local shop to build format and test everything, might as well keep it in the community.

  • Re: LTBCoin on Peershares?


    @crimsonroze I visited the link and read a bit, but I don't quite see how it's different from counter/dogeparty. Would you care to elaborate on how this works and where the differences comes in?

    Sure, no problem.

    Counter-party is built on top of Bitcoin. From what I understand, dogeparty would also be built on top of Doge.

    Peershares is not built on top of anything. Each new Peershares has its own blockchain, its own network, its own client and so forth and so on. If LTBCoin was implemented using the Peershares technology, then LTBCoin would have its own blockchain.

    Peershares use Proof-of-Stake (as implemented by Peercoin), the technology is very energy efficient (it can run on a Raspberry Pi) and therefor LTBCoin would be able to sustain itself by own means without any costs. The LTBCoin would then be totally independent, not have to rely on anything else but its own network, but still be able to use the software updates the devs does when maintaining Peershares.

    To simplify, one could think of Peershares as a WhitelabelCoin. Basically you get a new coin for free, without the cost of hiring devs to make it, buying mining machines etc. is using Peershares.

    Was this helpful to you?

    EDIT: Ahh coolt. En svensk. Jag såg inte det först. Hej hej :)

    We like that we can have many types of tokens on the one blockchain either bitcoin or dogecoin, can you do anything like this with peershares tech? or is it one coin per blockchain

  • Re: LTBc Address Distribution?

    You might also be interested in this list

  • Re: [CLOSED] Auction for 1 Hour of Adam B. Levine's Time

    @rob Regarding the auction that ended 7/27/14.

    I believe I won with a bid of 20K LTBc, and that @dsmalone came in second with 16K bid. And I think @deweller didn't see my bid of 20K, and didn't realize dsmalone was bidding for second place, and so he needed to bid higher than 16K (and failing to do so mean's he did not outbid the 2nd place bid). That's my read of the past auction, feel free to speak up if anyone sees it differently after looking at the last page of that thread.

    @Adam, as you've closed that thread, can you please tell us to what address the two winners should send their LTBc? (And will it be the same address for future auctions?)

    I've set up this address for the purpose


  • Re: Be In A Radio Promo!

    Long version (3-ish minutes with a 10s audio leadout a live host could come in over. and

    Short version (8 seconds)

  • Design the new LTB studio computer and win 10,000 LTBc!

    Hey all, I'm getting ready to move into a new studio space (with a green screen), and as part of that I'm adding a second computer to the studio set-up. I'm allocating $1000 worth of BTC to this purpose and will be spending it in BTC at either Newegg, Tiger Direct or a combination.

    I'd like someone to build a shopping list for me that I'll then have someone locally build. I do build computers myself but usually it involves me shorting something and taking it to a shop anyhow so I figure this time I'll skip to that part.

    Primarily this computer will be used for production, video/audio editing and rendering. The graphics card it uses must have displayport and support at least two screens, the other via either hdmi or dvi.

    The shopping list should include everything in the unit itself, from the case to the motherboard to the graphics cards to the HDD, to the psu, whole computer but none of the accessories.

    Post your wishlists with explanations, thanks!

  • Re: Sent BTC to my BTER XCP address? Am I doomed?

    They have QQ chat information at the bottom of the page, QQ is a chat program, they are in china so you'll need to attempt to talk to their support late in the evening in the US.

    They'll probably make it right, it would be bad for their reputation to keep bitcoin every time customers send them some by mistake.

  • Re: Premium Domain for Sale - www.PremiumBitcoin.Net

    You're intending to accept LTBc for this? Right now the auction section is for LTBc accepting auctions only.

  • Re: This forum not support Chinese

    It's on the list along with russian language support, @cryptonaut any idea how far out that is?

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