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  • Re: No LTB today on 3/26/2016

    updated and bumped

  • Information on first non-spammer bans on the LTB platform

    Hey all, It looks like we're going to be banning our first non-spammer members of the community and I wanted to post a heads up on why this is happening. LTB has prided itself on being an open platform for community discussion both in terms of published content and also community forum content. We've never actually banned anyone or really had much of any adversarial reactions with... anyone. Our strategy has been "People can do what they want so long as it's not detracting from the overall platform experience" and for two and a half years that's been consistent.

    A few months ago, Chris Brighton and Joshua Unseth started accusing Factom of being a scam. You can read all about it in their own words in the below links should you desire. The short version is they made a lot of big accusations and when asked to support them, they were unable not once but many times over several threads. From early on one of the Factom lead's Paul Snow was in the thread responding to Chris and Joshua's questions but pretty much the only effect was for his answers to be ignored and belittled without actually being responded to. There are more than 20 pages worth of posts of this in several threads linked below.

    After months of this I insisted that they either provide real evidence, acknowledge that they can't support their accusations or get a "Liar" rank on the forum so I don't have to police their drama quite as much since people can see they are not just normal users. Joshua refused to do either although after he got the Liar tag he shifted to saying his accusations were just opinions (you can read the whole thread here , Chris acknowledged his inability to support his claims and we thought the drama was over.

    Unfortunately it wasn't, Joshua is back with more threads accusing me and LTB of censorship. Most people would call it Moderation, but I understand he wants to create as much drama from it as possible. A not so small irony of this situation is that Joshua's repeated accusations and insults actually led to our very first non-spam moderation of any kind. Either way, anyone can look at his entire post history and see that he is abusing the open and permissive platform

    Most recently these two have decided to start creating random threads and posting in unrelated threads in an attempt to collect some support for their cause by annoying people not involved. So, enough is enough. They've both been warned multiple times to either provide evidence and respond to the answers to their very aggressively posed questions and as of now they've both landed a temporary ban. Once it's over they'll have the opportunity to contribute to the community and if we see a continuation of the same drama the bans will be reinstated as permanent.

    Here's the most recent flailing attempt to try and find something... anything... to give some credibility to their scam accusations against what is undeniably an in-development, active project.

    As I mentioned at the top of the post, this is unusual for us and is in fact unprecedented. LTB is a platform that provides itself on giving voice to those with useful, new or interesting things to say. With that in mind, when we're used as a platform to attack productive people it is a perversion of that purpose against the interests of the community and platform in favor of pumping up the egos of a few

    So that's it - A pair of users have been removed from our community temporarily and if they attempt to circumvent that ban or if after the ban is over they continue contributing nothing but drama, the ban will be permanent.

    If you'd like to read several of the threads that led us to this point, see below.

    @adam Sigh.....

    Joshua and Chris, you're not really giving us any options besides throwing you out of the community. You keep bringing up the same tired, refuted non-issues which you've been struggling to get traction with for months and months and acting like they're unanswered.

    They're not. Paul has answered them many times and has done so again here. Will you respond to his actual points? No, you won't. You'll just nitpick one little part of his response and make it out like you won the argument when in fact you obviously lost several threads ago. The only reason this came up again is because @cryptonaut started teasing Chris about how he promised scandal and scam and in fact just delivered a poorly handled press release.

    Here's the first thread started by Chris on the topic, months ago... provocatively entitled " Is Factom just a Defacto Scam now?"

    Spoiler: From the evidence Chris provides, it doesn't really look like one. He promised to return with more evidence. Months passed.

    Here's the second thread started after @Cryptonaut poked Chris, provocatively titled "Let's talk about factoms repeated lies and "mistakes" The thread ends with Paul giving a list of questions and Chris deciding he's only willing to answer them on his show.

    And finally the most recent thread, is the release of the show which is pretty much immediately torn apart and in which Chris declines to answer the questions again.

    This has gone on for months, has produced nothing but time wasting drama and which we've only let go on so long because we didn't want even MORE drama from people who obviously have little better to do with their time than create it.

    As to censorship, here's the relevant thread

    Sorry Joshua, we're not letting you create new drama threads. When you started screaming about being censored, you had never actually been censored. What would have been a better thing to say was "We didn't want to make our show all ages friendly, which is required to get on the all ages friendly LTB network." That's not censorship, it's you declining to join the network.

    The real irony here is before you started posting this and other accusations on the forum we had never had cause at to remove any posts besides obviously automated spam. Your continued creation of new threads about the topic has actually become a self fulfilling prophesy whether you intended it to be or not.

    Unfortunately for your theory, it's not a political decision. Your posts are being moderated because your only purpose is to cause trouble and you've already admitted in your other thread that all your accusations are really just "your opinion" and that you can't support it. Last time we let you rail on and on and on, it did not help. Anyone who'd like to check out that thread is welcome to do so.

    This thread is going to be locked so there is a public record, other threads Joshua creates will be deleted and his permission to make new posts will be removed if he continues to waste moderator time.

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