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    E35 - The Smart Money

    August 23rd, 2013 by adam
    Subscribe to Let’s Talk Bitcoin! for free to automatically download new episodes. Coming up on Today’s Show:
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    Stay Tuned

    August 16th, 2013 by adam
    Welcome to the new Let's Talk Bitcoin! Check back daily for perspective and new ideas on our Guest Blog! Read More
    Categories: Upcoming

    Watch This Space!

    August 15th, 2013 by adam
    Details of the next article or show being released! Read More

    E31 - The Regulatory Question

    August 9th, 2013 by adam

    Regulation and Compliance are two common words to hear from Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs

    today’s special conference release is a double feature targeted explicitly at this question. David Landsman is the Executive Director of the National Money Transmitters Association, we sit down to talk about fitting square pegs into round holes. Later, we’ve got the whole panel discussion about Regulations featuring some of the brightest minds in the space - This was a great panel, and if you’re looking for clarity this is another perspective to help guide your way. We cover these conferences entirely out of pocket, so if you appreciate the work we’re doing, please send Bitcoin or Litecoin tips to the addresses above Want to s... Read More
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    Bitcoin and Freedom of Speech - Inside Bitcoins Panel

    August 7th, 2013 by adam
    Bitcoin allowed Wikileaks to continue to receive donations after an extralegal political blockade prevented supporters from sending money to the organization via MasterCard, Visa or PayPal. One reason WordPress accepts Bitcoin payments for its premium service is that many bloggers live in countries that the credit card networks and PayPal do not serve, often for political reasons. “Financial transactions are speech,” according to John Perry Barlow, whose Freedom of the Press Foundation calls Bitcoin a potentially “censorship-resistant currency.” This panel will explore how peer-to-peer currencies like Bitcoin (combined with other crypto tools like the anonymized Tor web browser or encrypted emails) can help journalists, publishers, ... Read More