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  • Re: LTBC swap to POE is done ?

    Hey all, looks like there is something wrong with the swap not asking for ERC20 addresses, we're looking into this and will be back online soon.

  • Re: LTBC swap to POE is done ?

    Update - POE is being distributed today, if you redeemed your LTBCOIN before friday of last week you will be recieving your POE. If you turned it in more recently than that, you'll be in the next distribution. We'll be doing distributions of POE to LTBCOIN exchangers on a monthly basis.


  • Re: LTBC swap to POE is done ?

    @kn Hm, I'm a little confused. I send the LTBCOIN directly to the burn address from the counterparty wallet?

    No. On the poet conversion page, put in the amount of LTBCOIN you have where it says "Quantity" and then "Buy Now" to start the conversion process. Once you've entered the required info you'll be given an invoice to pay the LTBCOIN to, which will verify your purchase and then direct it automatically to the burn address

  • Re: LTBC swap to POE is done ?

    POE tokens will be distributed within 30 days of the tokensale end.

  • Re: Big Upcoming Announcement & The Return of LTB


  • Re: counterwallet

    Counterwallet changed domains from .co to .io, so that is correct.

    Also if you haven't opened your wallet in a long time, once logged in click "Import Funds" then "From Old Wallet" and that'll let you import any tokens associated with your old wallet using the same passphrase.

  • Re: No LTB Episode (Delayed a week)

    Hey folks, Stephanie and I recorded with Jonathan Mohan earlier this week for show #331 but the episode is going to be out on Wednesday, rather than today.


  • Re: Big Upcoming Announcement & The Return of LTB

    Announcement has been delayed until 8am pacific tomorrow, it'll be on the front page at that time.

  • Big Upcoming Announcement & The Return of LTB

    On Thursday there will be a major announcement on the future of LTB Network and LTBCOIN. The LTB show will be resuming weekly episodes on Sunday March 26th..

    • Thursday March 23rd: Major announcement on the front page of LTBN
    • Sunday March 26th: Let's Talk Bitcoin! resumes with a catch-up-on-what-we-missed episode featuring Andreas, Stephanie and I.
    • Tuesday March 28th: Epicenter Bitcoin where we discuss the LTBN announcement a bit more as well as Tokenly's upcoming releases

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