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Categories: Mad Money Machine

MMM #16 - There’ll Be Blood

Published on April 15th, 2014 by madmoneymachine

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Shownotes for Episode 16 of Mad Money Machine: There’ll Be Blood


Sidechains are the answer, what’s the question? Bubba wins again. Explaining the Heartbleed bug The Blood Moon predicts earth-shaking events It's Tax Day Bitcoin wash sale? Satoshi’s Corner: Sections 8 - 12 GURU: Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. Omri Marion discusses using Bitcoin as a tax haven Altcoin of the Week: Blackcoin.co Cybersquats and Amir Taaki Wladimere Van Der Laan’s Four Priorities for Bitcoin Core Subscribe to MMM Podcast feed to be sure to get Season 2

Produced and Edited by Paul Boyer

Music from musicalley.com and soundcloud.com. Alta Plaza by X-Ray Dogs.  Runaway Train by Under Feather.

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