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Given the general social and economic instability in many countries of the world, people are looking for any ways to earn extra money or protect their savings. And cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin, comes to the rescue. Last year there is a very bright trend of capital transfer to virtual currency. Why this happens, we will find out now.

Crises always encourage a person to seek sources of stability and balanced growth. And due to the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, more and more attention is paid to this market. Instability and many government restrictions make many people turn to a rather unconventional investment. Such investments goes in Bitcoin very often. Why is this currency chosen? It's simple. Bitcoin continues to grow steadily and gain momentum, which makes people pay attention to it. Demand for this cryptocurrency has grown almost 5 times. Experts say that this is only the beginning and the trend will continue. Due to its many advantages, Bitcoin is now used for completely different purposes. Someone uses this cryptocurrency to build various business processes. Others simply change money from the real sector to Bitcoin in order to attract profit.

Bitcoin is chosen for one more reason. No state body of the world controls the behavior of Bitcoin. It is emitted in free mode, which causes a constant increase in demand. Course formation is quite chaotic, and the rate is constantly growing during various instabilities in economic processes. But such chaos and lack of control is in the hands of modern man, because no one can track and control his investments related to Bitcoin.

The attraction of capital with the help of cryptocurrency is connected not only with investments in Bitcoin. A lot of companies issue their own cryptocurrencies, which they offer to the public. In the early stages, these tokens are usually sold much cheaper, at below market price. This allows people to buy cryptocurrency for pennies, and in a year to get a good profit. The token grows when the company that has issued it grows too. And this allows the investor to attract capital, which is several times higher than the invested amount of money. Of course, this has its own risk, but it is fully justified against a general instability of the economy and socio-political processes. But before you invest in the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or some new token), you need to analyze all the possible data, discard the empty options and choose the object of investment wisely.