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  • Disengage

    I'm a creative writer, webcomic artist and Bitcoin enthusiast.

    Here's what I do:
    Writing (Creative Fiction.  Specifically sci/fi, horror, and fantasy)Writing (Technical, Nonfiction.   News/opinion isn't my thing though)3D Rendering (Not at a professional level, but I can get a point across.  See my webcomic for an example.

    With my current workload and what I plan on doing for LTB, my bandwidth is too full for new projects at the moment.   But my LTB project won't be ongoing or long-term thing; once that's done I'd be open for some ACT action.

    Actively Disengaged - The Webcomic They Don't Want You To Read!

    BTC/LTBc: 1NAvjKysxdC4x7wveksa5vRFnMiJwqiosR

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  • crystalck04

    Writing- Blogs/articles, short story, flash fictionResearchEditing- WrittenFormattingProofreading

    These are the skills I currently have, but I'm always looking to learn and broaden my horizons. I'm looking to be on any team that has a need for these types of skills, or anyone who is willing to teach me new things :)

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  • Shatteredzen
    • Writing
      - Research
      - Analysis

        I have a technical background as a communications engineer designing and implementing wide area networks (WAN's) so I'm a fast study on tech although by no means an expert on everything. I currently work in security and communications with a bachelors degree in Business. I mine bitcoin and altcoins as a hobby and I enjoy participating in the community through practical applications such as mining and researching new systems.
  • frankenmint

    So many experts here, this is wonderful to see!  I used to have a dayjob, but left it to pursue bitcoin related activities on a full time basis.  With that being said, I am interested in the following in any order:
    Content Creation on
    Mining Hardware Consulting - I have extensive experience setting up various peices of Asics Hardware and Scrypt Hardware.  I know I could be very helpful with creating guides on setting up and troubleshooting mining hardware.
    Alt-coin Research and reporting.
    Bringing in new members into the ltbcoin community either as readers or hopefully as participantsNetworking existing crypto businesses together (my own business included) to promote availability of goods and services through using cryptoSkills needed to Setup ANYONE who has a product to sell with an online storefront that accepts bitcoin using a combination of Wordpress and Woocommerce.  Could be a simple products shop like my own or a customized items shop where item options and customization are required for products (think clothing or jewelry customization).About me?:  I went to school for Business Management and finished.  Worked as a DBA for a law firm for a while then moved onto becoming an Operations Manager for a Lithium Tech Startup.  While there I setup employee system integrations and overall work infrastructure. | Spread Awareness | Spread Adoption

  • abarn004

    Currently own multiple businesses in the insurance industry. Been in bitcoin/crypto since beginning of 2013. 
    Current Skills:
    -Legal Advice/Legal Work (Family Law Firm)-Proof reading and editing.-POW Mining Expertise (created with friends)-Blogging (used to blog for a couple of EDM websites when I was younger)-Business advice and financial advice
    Went to school in Miami, FL Business Management. Went to Law School. Currently live in Miami. Regularly go to Bitcoin conferences. Investor and Entrepreneur. Started and own multiple businesses currently. NEtworked heavily in the Miami Crypto community. Check out our fb group Miami International Bitcoin.

  • dsmalone

    Have bought and sold several business related to manufacturing, wholesale distribution, ecommerce, and most recently direct supplier to Amazon. 

    -  Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin
    -  Proficient at organizing efficient business models and processes (3M company)
    -  Trained in Just-In-Time, 6 sigma, and lean manufacturing concepts
    -  Extensive use of Netsuite CRM/ERP software for mid-sized companies
    -  Trained in developing specialized teams and work cells

    Have been following bitcoin for the past year and am very interested in creating or investing in the space.

    Great work at LTB for spreading the knowledge of bitcoin !

  • mediamode

    Me?  I'm a crypto-currency newbie, but an audio editor who's been enhancing audio podcasts for the past few years. 

    What's that, you ask?  An enhanced podcast?  Here's an example.  Download the Apple Lossless version and play it on one of the following platforms:  iTunes, iPhone, iPad or the multi-platform open source player VLC

    On your iPhone or iPad you'll see a different picture as you tab through the chapters embedded into the audio as well as the title heading for that chapter.  In iTunes and VLC you won't see any pics but you'll see the chapter headings.  You can (obviously) move forwards and backwards through the audio to the chapter points, which is great for podcasts over an hour.

    Yes, I'm sort of an audio geek. All I can offer to ACTs is this little bit of audiovisual magic, since my free time is taken up by my own podcast and but I would love to work with audio editors/podcasters in this experiment that is LTBcoin and the LTB Network.

  • kingpalomar

    I'm active in my local community as a..
    musician/performer/songwriter.Bitcoin Evangelist/Consultant

    Here's my last bitcoin related project.

  • swedespade

    Hello! Motion animator, graphic designer and complex idea-communicator here! Are you part of an innovative start-up introducing a new product or service? Perhaps you could use a neat little animation to explain what you do. I’m a bright and passionate free-lancer, looking for work to be excited about. Here’s a quick sample of my animation skills promoting a kick-a$$ cryptocurrency called namecoin:
    And here’s my general design portfolio for all mediums: Message me if you think I can be of use.

    skype name: m.jonsson3 |

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  • greennavy

    I'm good at Editing Written work, Writing and Researching. 

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