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An Autonomous Content Team is a group you work with temporarily or long term.  You might have a stable group with two or three core members and bring in individuals who can help you with the specific projects goals, but then part ways immediately afterwards.
In this new world, we're all free agents who will collaborate because it is in our best interest.  We are stronger together than individually, but binding ourselves to self imposed restrictions is not a good choice either.
I do the following things at a fairly high skill level, I am listing them in the order I prefer (highest is most).  I will be accepting LTBcoin for all of the following services, although my time for the technical stuff is pretty non-existent right now.

Consulting (Media or Cryptocurrency)AnnouncingProducing/Mastering audioProof ReadingInterviewing
Editing Audio work
HostingEditing Written workWritingResearching
I know we have another introduction thread, but this is a little different - If you want to participate in the content creation side of LTBcoin, post your interest and skills here.   In addition to the things I mentioned, we need artists and video producers

  • furezasan

    This sounds like a great model for a self-employability network... I'm in. 
    I freelance as an animator, motion designer and illustrator and I'll be willing to accept LTBcoin for any graphics/visual type work. Here's a link to my current showreel.
    I've also started a cyrptocurrency based webcomic called cryptopic that I'll be updating regularly, or as fast as I can keep up with the madness.
    I'd like to publish it here as well. Since it's still at it's infancy, any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated and as it grows potentially be able to pay writers/collaborators for help on it.

  • shawn_j

    I'm a video editor, my youtube channel is here

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  • Elliot

    Available for web design & development, graphic design (you guys used the custom QR code I created for your LTB tip wallet for a few shows), AND blockchain forensics of course.   Also able to do high-level statistical analysis and mathematics relating to economics (if needed down the road once you have lots of data).
    Very willing and able to help out!  Cheers

  • edd

    Skills in order of expertise and preference:

    WritingEditing (Written Work)ProofreadingResearching
    I have also gotten some very good feedback since my presentation at the San Jose Bitcoin Conference and have been trying to develop my public speaking skills.
    I have an eclectic library and therefore know a little about a lot of things. If you have a question on just about any subject, odds are I can find you the answer.

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  • daydreamtrader

    I'm a chemical engineer / bitcoin evangelist in Ecuador, Hablo Español... If any help is needed in South America... Look me up! I really love the idea of this coin and think it will be the first coin of its nature but will not be the last! Once we get our blog up and running, hopefully we can join the network.... eh we can start our own ;-)

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  • mmanvil74

    Strategizing (planning business strategy, conceptualizing, creative ideas)
    Consulting (eventually would like to consult for networks that want to issue their own tokens)
    Writing (business concepts, promotional copy, essays, philosophy)
    Forum Communication (organizing and moderating forums like
    Sales/Investor Relations (telephone, in person, but I have to believe in the product)
    Education (writing course material, video production, interviews)
    Editing and Summarizing (other people's written work)
    Basic WordPress Web Design/Content Management (installing themes and plug-ins, organizing categories, developing layouts and templates)
    In terms of an ACT for LTB, I think I see myself as a writer primarily.  Although I do have some ideas for video production.  I don't know if I can confine my writing to one particular topic so I might end up contributing to multiple channels depending on how the structure is set up.

    Will Work For LTBcoin!

  • dvsbyknight

    I am currently on leave from my day job for a few months & I have been looking for a Bitcoin related project to volunteer my time to. I am currently a high volume seller on and I'm happy to make myself available for LTBCoin projects. I am not a developer and all my tech skills are self tought, but I am motivated. Here is a list of skills that may be useful:Entrepreneurial spirit and experience. I have started my own company from the ground up before.Writing/Editing/ProofreadingIntermediate to advanced Excel proficiencyVideo & Photo editingGeneral working knowledge of HTML & CSSThis last one may be irrelevant, but maybe not. Who knows what kind of creative projects could come out of this! My native industry that I've been in for 15+ years is Real Estate, Title & Escrow. I have been on all sides. I have sold real estate, I have worked in Escrow and I have worked in Title.

  • CryptoCoin

    Generally, a hacker and engineer..
    I'm an iOS developer - specializing in quickly prototyping apps.
    Also a skilled writer and editor.Have a pretty deep/technical understanding of the bitcoin protocol.-CC

  • saeed

    Looking forward to working on an Autonomous Content Team. Shot me a line if you're looking for a developer. Here are my skills and services I'm looking to accept coin for:Software Development (C#, Java, C++, etc.)
    Software Testing (Both manual & test automation; Current 'Day Job')
    Basic Video Producing / EditingGrowth Hacking / Entrepreneurship (Newest skill set I'm working on)Techincal Research

  • rotalumis

    I'm a copywriter who once earned a computer science and physics degree and worked in the IT sector. For the last 10+ years I have focused on online marketing and on writing content for the Web and other media. This means I can bridge the tech/non-tech divide, explain complex ideas in simple terms and help with overall marketing strategies and ideas.
    Here's a summary of my skills:Copywriting (Understanding the target audience and writing to sell products, services and ideas in a way that resonates with them -- I write all kinds of copy, from entire web sites, to targeted landing pages, emails and press releases.)
    Blogging / article writing (Again, knowing the audience and how to speak to them is key to maintaining their interest.)
    Brainstorming / incubating ideas (From coming up with and improving on concepts, to implementing plans and making things happen)
    Community building (Maintaining interest and motivation among current members and giving them the tools and encouragement they need to reach out and promote the community elsewhere)Editing / proofreading (Including managing and mentoring a team of writers, helping with style and voice)Online marketing (While I'm not a marketer as such, I do have a marketing mindset and can help with brainstorming, planning and implementing marketing strategies using the latest tools and best practices.) Customer relations (This is the flip side to online marketing. Many businesses still don't realize how the Internet has empowered customers to expect and demand top-notch service and raise hell when things go wrong. I believe damage control should be Plan Z. Seth Godin sums up Plan A very nicely.)

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