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Hi there, we are adding Tatiana Moroz to our Uncoinventional team and I need graphics that are not so Blush-Family centric.

Go to to see the current graphics.. (or the uncoinventional blog category here on LTB)

Right now we are focused on bitcoin-travel, but I think the site will evolving into bitcoin-living. For now, something like a bitcoin B airplan skipping across the globe, or a bitcoin B van like the one in our current logo cruising across the country. Would love something I can use as a logo (square) and something I can use as a header on the site.

I also need some odds and ends in terms of images - a "Tatiana Moroz Live Updates" button, a "Blush Family Live Updates" button, a "Follow the Blush Family" button that has the lets talk bitcoin chat bubble coming out from our tour van image ( to link to the LTB blog here ) - and finally an Uncoinventional Tools button that will lead to resources people can use..

Name your price, show me your previous work! Let me know what you need to know from me or John!

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