An international FinTech giant and payment processor called Stripe has made its way into France. The company offered support for the bitcoin transactions two years ago. And since then, the growth shown by Stripe has been phenomenal. Stripe has expanded substantially over the recent years and its services are now available in more than 25 countries including US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Mexico, Switzerland and now France as well.

More About Stripe & The Services It Proffers Stripe is an Irish firm that was brought to light in 2011. It was founded by John and Patrick Collison in 2010. During the initial stages, the company was engaged in various crowdfunding campaigns in order to raise funds for the business. And finally in September 2011, it emerged as an international FinTech and payment processor.

Stripe provides a payment platform for the merchants and retailers. It supports 130 fiat currencies and modern payment methods like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Bitcoin. Furthermore, the one-click payment options provided by Stripe have been highly appreciated. However, the Stripe services are not just limited to payment processing. The company also provides various FinTech solutions such as invoicing and accounting tools for the customers.