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Shapeshift not working with Ltb chrome Wallet

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Hi I try to use Shapeshift with in LTB chrome Wallet to sell som LTB but when I move to Shapeshift it is no LTB alternative. What should I do ? Thanks

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  • heunland

    Hi @frasse, unfortunately, shapeshift does not support LTBcoin (yet). So therefore, you will not be able to use that method to sell your LTBC. You did not mention what other coin you want to exchange your LTBC for? If you would like to list a sell order to trade for XCP, you could install Indiesquare wallet from on your android or iOS device and easily post a sell order on the Counterparty DEX from within the wallet. If you want to trade it for bitcoin, you pretty much will have to go to an exchange where LTBC is listed, like poloniex, make an account there, transfer your LTBC to the exchange and then post your sell order on that exchange. Too bad you didn´t post here yesterday, when I was looking to buy some LTBcoins, we could have made a direct trade!

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  • frasse


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