Scotcoin joins Foldingcoin’s fight against diseases!

On February 5 2015, Scotcoin will become part of the merged folding network of Foldingcoin, contributing it’s mining power to the Stanford@Home network. This grid computing initiative enables scientists to use the combined computing power of individuals to find cures for diseases like Parkinson’s and cancer.

To celebrate joining the merged folding initiative of Foldingcoin, Scotcoin provides 5 million free coins to the people that contribute to the Stanford@Home network. These coins are distributed over a period of 160 days, what equals 31,250 Scotcoin per day, divided evenly amongst all participants. While ‘mining’ for Scotcoin, contributors will also automatically earn Foldingcoin.

According to Foldingcoin’s founder Robert Ross: “Foldingcoin welcomes all altcoins to join our merged folding initiative in order to stop wasting computing power on blockchains and use it for curing diseases instead!”, he continues “By becoming assets on the Counterparty network, altcoins do not need their own mining power anymore, but can use it to contribute to science. We help them set this up!”

Start contributing to the Scotcoin initiative client is easy! It just requires people to Setup their wallet with and Download and Setup their FAH Client.

For more information about FoldingCoin and Merged Folding, please visit or email Robert Ross ( directly with questions or concerns about the platform.

FoldingCoin Inc. harnesses computational power used in alternative cryptocurrency blockchains to be used for Stanford@Home’s medical and scientific projects. When people contribute to the network, FoldingCoin compensates them with cryptocurrencies built on Counterparty.