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Podcast editing and podcast mastering for BTC and LTBc

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Hey guys,

I'm accepting BTC and LTBc for any audio related services, such as podcast mastering, podcast editing. I deal with audio restoration as well if your recording is noisy. You can reach my audio services easily at:

You can check the quality of my work on the latest episodes of Beyond Bitcoin show (by Arthur Falls, @Legendface66)

Looking forward to work together.

  • adam

    Hey rchrd, how do you charge for your work, per hour of your labor or per hour/minute of finished content?

    How much do you charge in BTC and LTBC?

    We're going to be putting together a LTBn store in the next week so if you'd offer your services through that we can make it happen.

  • rchrd

    Hi @adam,

    Due to the volatility my rates depend on the EUR/BTC and USD/BTC charts (and LTBc/BTC also). A full editing service (editing out hm's, ah's, noise cleaning, arranging, mixing, mastering) of a 60 mins long individual podcast (once off job) costs 0.22BTC - 0.25BTC approximately (depends on the number of the participants, etc).

    I can offer flat rate bundles as well.

    Would be great to sell my services in the new store! Could you send me further infos, please?

  • rchrd

    Just to let you know, nowadays a full audio process of a podcast would cost only 0.14BTC (including audio editing, noise reduction, arranging, mixing and mastering). I can offer 20% lifetime discount for the first 3 customer who mention this ad on

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