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Need editing and graphics help with a proposal

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I'm seeking help to refine a 1 page proposal in both copy and images. I currently have version 1 of the proposal but believe it contains too much text and needs better icons and images. I can pay in LTB for your efforts but would need to agree on a price before work begins.

I'm an avid user of Craigslist and avid user of Bitcoin. The synergy between the two platforms is compelling. Craigslist is the precursor to "Open Bazaar". However, Craigslist has a very large marketplace NOW and Bitcoin can use this to immediately expand its user base, utility, and achieve scale.

I want to get a 1 page proposal in the hands of Craig (the founder of Craigslist) and have 2 tasks.

1) Review, critique, edit, make changes, etc to first version of proposal at: first proposal.

2) Once we have a clean, concise, proposal from 1) I am seeking assistance to promote the proposal through various channels? (i.e reddit, direct email to Craig, radio, TV, etc)

Please contact if you would like to assist and how much you would charge for your efforts.



  • markusjunker73

    I'm looking for that refine a 1 page proposition in both duplicate and pictures. I at present have form 1 of the proposition yet trust it contains an excess of content and needs better symbols and pictures. I can pay in LTB for your endeavors however would need to concur on a cost before work start.

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