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Monthly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis (May 2016)

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So far, we’ve been writing only about bitcoin price trends every week. But owing to an increasing popularity of some other cryptocurrencies, we realized that our readers are now taking deep interest in various altcoins as well. So after some serious contemplation, we decided to start writing a monthly blog specifically on Altcoin Price Analysis in which we’ll be talking about the price trends of some popular altcoins like Ether, Litecoin and Dash. It’s going to be a short summary of all the ups and downs in the price movements encountered by these altcoins over the last month. So let’s move further and start the analysis with Bitcoin followed by the other altcoins. Bitcoin Price Analysis Bitcoin price had been on a roller coaster ride last month. Remarkably, May 2016 turned out to be utterly dynamic from the bitcoin’s point of view. There were rapid fluctuations in bitcoin price throughout the month from lows to highs, back and forth. There was a slight decline in BTC price in the first week of month which was supposedly due to Dr. Craig Wright’s claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The price abruptly fell down to $440 in the first week of May but it got back on track soon after and reached close to $460 within the next few days. The following week, BTC price got stagnant for a while and the price movements went extremely sluggish. For the next few days, the percentage change in the BTC value was even less than 0.5%.


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