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Hi everyone

In case you have noticed (or maybe you haven't), we are a few days late on getting all the weekly LTBCOIN distributions pushed to users. Couple reasons for this. 1) On saturday I accidentally forgot about it (oops! please don't hurt me...) and 2) over the past few days (since Sunday at least) there has been a very large backlog of transactions on the bitcoin network which has been making funds very painful to move around. Currently there is around 30,000 unconfirmed transactions on the network. I have already experienced some transactions taking 6 - 12+ hours to confirm, and Counterparty transactions seem particularly prone to getting caught in the backlog (counterwallet sucks at fee calculations). So basically this weeks distributions have turned into a multi-day process.

Content creator distributions have been sent but not confirmed yet, should confirm any time now. Proof of Participation distributions are currently waiting on a TX which has been unconfirmed now for over 8 hours before it can complete...

Also anyone that is waiting on an FLDC or BITCRYSTALS distribution, same issue. Hang tight!

Will post update here when it's all cleared.

obligatory #raisethelimit :)

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