Hi, I've been working on some projects in Africa for some time and want to introduce them all in a peer-to-peer fashion, rather than the traditional "charity" model. We have pilot projects in Kenya and in Namibia.

The basic idea is an open network of VPSs, all linked up and backing each other up, providing the basic hosting needs for communities and groups publish and communicate whatever they wish. This network would include experts in all aspects from server management to web design, and business management to graphic design. These people would initially help others to set up their nodes and sites, but primarily would be there to help people gain the knowledge to do it themselves.

Thus each community would own its own internet presence. They won't have to rely on the goodwill of others, and lose their domain, email and everything else when the person becomes busy elsewhere. That has happened to almost everyone I have known over the last 20 years!

Individuals from those communities would be able to set up, for example, and open bazaar node, or just use etsy if they like, use wordpress etc to blog, well, you know, absolutely anything they need is available online. The distributed and scalable nature of the network would mean that even if only one person from a community was interested at first, they could have a single, small VPS and show the others how useful it is.

So, I'm looking for anyone to help with making an article to publish here. If you don't like writing, no worries, we could just chat on skype or on comments here, I'm not familiar much with LTB yet, nor with putting so many ideas together coherently, so if you have experience of either, please let me know!

I started the website, with bogus content for now, but it will give you the idea, I think. http://friendsvps.org/