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New Statement from Max Harman on the GetGems community, and new challenge for it...

Hi all,

Max Harman just made a new statement on medium concerning the community.

He speak of the last challenge, that the French Team have won (I Know that!! because i participated to this victory... but it's easy when you are a teacher and that you work in classe with GetGems/Telegram... anyway, an other post is needed for telling this story..) I put the Max words below and want amphasis that he give to us a new challenge! Reaching 150 members for more Gemz rain...

Hello all! Surprised to hear from me again so soon? I would like to announce that GetGems — France has won our first community group reward, >breaking an astounding 66 members in just 3 days following my initial post. A serious achievement. For their reward, a 10000 GEM rain has been shared in >the group. Many congratulations and bon effort to all involved!

In other news we have seen even more communities being introduced, such as;


Bosnia & Herzegovina



And I am sure we will continue to discover more countries using GEMZ around the world. We now total at an astounding 67 communities across the world.

I would also like to announce a new community group contest. Let’s see a group reach 150 members. For this achievement, the reward will again be a large >rain of GEMZ. So pick up that phone, laptop or tablet and get inviting. (Links available below!) You and your friends have nothing to lose; only GEMZ to gain.

As always, lets make GEMZ better together.

Max Harman (05/02/17)

@MaxHarman, GetGems/Telegram/Twitter

So, the project go forward and it's a really good thing. Don't hesite to join us, just download the GetGems app and become part of the community


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  • Elma

    New Statement from D.R. Allen to the GetGems community, and new challenge for it...

    Hi all,

    David R. Allen made a new statement on GetGems by a medium post. He gives news on GetGems, responds to some questions and gives his own views on the future developpement of the GetGems plateforme, and his work on, a new service he still creating with some volunteers.

    Thank David for the updates


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